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Author Topic: posh totty annabelle  (Read 1716 times)

Offline Melfort212


Not sure if she is touring or not but looks hot. Take it nobody has seen her?

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Offline Mil 34

I went a few days ago and walked. Not my cup of tea, certainly not model looks. Really air brushed pictures. Not a true reflection of the lady at all.

Offline thatguy

That's a shame! She was on my list.....until now
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Offline Mil 34

She's also covered in tattoos which I don't like. Yet not one on her profile pictures.
She's in the top dollar rates but to be charging this she should be special but in my opinion there's far nicer looking girls out there.

Offline Melfort212

Shame about what has been said on here, at least that's money, time and effort saved. Cheers guys.

Maybe I should head up north and see that Charlotte...   :lol:

Online Corus Boy

Back in Cardiff.  Looks very nice and if she's still here next week she will be my first choice.

Offline Mil 34

Put it this way, if she looks like that in the flesh I will pay for your punt. Your going to be one disapointed man believe me.

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