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Author Topic: Lara - Mckenzies Escorts  (Read 3671 times)

2 review(s) for  ExtremeBeauty (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Ali Katt]

Offline badsin

I saw that Lara was available last weekend, so I called and and booked for an incall a day in advance. I had heard some mixed reviews on here, but thought I'd have a go anyway just to sample for myself. Im glad I did :D
I spoke to receptionist to book a day before, and then called on the day of the booking to confirm. I also asked the receptionist to inform Lara of a couple of my requests: which she obviously passed on to Lara.

I arrived at their flat around 10/15 minutes early, and called Mckenzies receptionist an asked if I could go up early.... they said that was ok - so up I went.
Lara buzzed me into the flats, and I climbed the stairs. Lara was waiting on the landing outside the flat..... and I almost fell backwards down the stairs!. She is a cracker this one!. Bout 5'5' or 6' at a push...... she was wearing a skin tight all in one dress that really showed of her killer curves. One of the best bodies Ive ever had the chance of getting my hands on. Definitely the girl in the pictures, and really really pretty. I'd say as as close facially to Angelina Jollie you can get without having surgery to copy...... stunning actually.
This isnt goin to be the longest report: I have been trying to get our paths to cross for a month or so now, so pretty excited that this was happening. Also, as soon as I met lara I knew I was going to be fucking a full on babe in a few minutes.... so I was actually nursing a chubby instantly!
Avoiding the pleasantries, during the meeting french kissing was recieved, OWO, and she has a really sweet tasting pussy. She let me rim her a couple of times...... not to deep, but she seemed to like it.....
As my previous experiences here in recent times we screwed against both the bedroom and lounge windows - so anybody passing by would of looked up and seen her tits pressed against the window, with be firmly holding her arms behind her whilst screwing her from behind. I also screwed her on top of the kitchen units, I had her lay forwards across the metal draining board in the kitchen which instantly sent her nipples to bullets as I ploughed her from behind.

I popped twice in the hour with Lara, the first time between her tits in front of the lounge window. Thes econd was deep inside her on the bed....... before the second pop I had screwed her all the way through the entrance hall, infront of the miror, over the hallway table..... and most pleasing for me against the front door whilst there where several people passing by outside. That turned me on, and got her soaking also. Plenty of dirty talk, chat and banter through the meeting and to be honest..... one lady that I have had to really focus on not popping early on.
In my opinion and from this meeting id say she is a great service provider. I have read differing experiences of her, on here and other sites. In my experience GREAT. :hi:


Offline am1r69

Hi mate

good review, does she def. do dfk and OWO.

The last reviews suggest otherwise. Wonder what changed or if she read about her reviews on here.

best wishes

Great review mate. What a fucking body. Wouldn't mind getting round that.

Offline badsin

Hi mate

good review, does she def. do dfk and OWO.

The last reviews suggest otherwise. Wonder what changed or if she read about her reviews on here.

best wishes

Definitely did on me! :dance:
Yes, I'm aware that this has been raised previously, and almost put me off. But I definitely had French kissing - not deep, or anything but yes that box was ticked. OWO, yes again! :hi:
I assume these services must be at discretion, I didn't check beforehand or anything as mckenzies won't discuss a great deal over the phone.
Very good oral technique, had me begging her to stop on two occasions :dance:

Offline Allnewman

Sounds like she's worth the trip to leeds

Offline wonderboy

The best picture I think is the one where she shows her bum...ummmmmmmm
Banning reason: Repeatedly touting banned sites

Offline audi_dude

Anyone seen her lately?

She's listed on the site but.the rota never shows her as available.

Offline thrck20

Cracking review this lady has jumped all queues I love Angelina Jolie

Offline jamie7

was thinking the same, she never seems to be available. Don't why the agency should just remove her.

Offline mediumjoe

 The agency will be using her as windowdressing

Offline DjNaz

She's been off their website for a few months now.

She had been showing on Maxes Angels (with active availability) website a few weeks back but no longer on there now.

2 review(s) found for  ExtremeBeauty linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

She seems to move around....Gotta be quick if you want to see her..In Birmingham now.

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