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Author Topic: Hitting that Cervix, the ultimate goal?  (Read 3250 times)

Yes - I believe he wheelie bin wanking ...

Or I wheelie bin thinking this threw

So it started as 7" and in five months it shrunk to 5" yikes... all that cervix bashing is not doing any good to your todger  :unknown:

At this rate I'll have a fanny by 2016

In answer to the OP's question, for me, it's not the ultimate goal.

The old adage; "it's not the size it's how you use it" applies. A 4 inch cock can easily satisfy a woman if worked inside her pussy around the most sensitive and reactive part of her pussy.

It's true that some women do enjoy the pain/pleasure aspect of a cock hitting the cervix, but it's not the be all and end all, when dishing out a nice hard fuck.

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