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Author Topic: Glasgow hotel  (Read 1156 times)

Hello chaps
Just wondering if anyone can help, going up to Glasgow for a few days and staying at the
Crown PLaza by the conference centre. What is the CP like as an outcall venue?
any issues with Key cards for elevators etc.
Any Recommendations for a young Lassie that is slim and pretty (size 6/8)
or An incall within walking distance could also work.

Thanks in advance

Offline Cb76

I have stayed in it a few times as near my work and we get corporate deals with it. I see no issue at all for seeing a girl at the hotel. It's who you pick which is biggest issue! Personally again I would suggest Kendra who is over other side of river and likely your safest bet.

Suggest reading few of the reviews and asking about any individual girls.
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Offline Tjkooker

Kendras not a slim size 6 though! She's a cracking curvy 10 or 12

Sexy Tiffany might be your best bet if it's slim and young you want. https://www.adultwork.com/1684488
If you don't mind a little bit older Gabriella is your best bet. https://www.adultwork.com/1870808 my current fav.
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2 review(s) found for xxSexy Tiffanyxx linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)
20 review(s) found for G_A_B_R_I_E_L_L_A linked to in above post (19 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

I see no issue at all for seeing a girl at the hotel. It's who you pick which is biggest issue!

Its your room, it not like your an escort who is using the hotel for bookings, as far as I would be concerned, she is your guest, and what are they going to say

"sorry she cant go up to your room, as she is a known escort" and you reply she my wife infact

So I don't think there anything to be worried about, but like what cb76 say, think its bestif the escort is properly attired for the hotel, so it dosnt draw  attention to your selfs

Thanks for the recommendations guys Tiffany looks pretty fit
and has the kind of body i could enjoy! Both have good feed back too.
Any other girls to consider ??

cheers for the advice

Offline chico1000

If you don't get anywhere with Tiffany there is always the agencies.  Personally I would go for TJ's second recommendation she is very fit and slim and only a 10 or 15 walk from your location and has an excellent safe apartment.
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