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Author Topic: Sultry-Sexy-Sam of Baldock  (Read 1146 times)

2 review(s) for SULTRY-SEXY-SAM (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline dkn


OK, so read the antipathy towards non-reviewing lurkers, and felt the need to break my duck.

Was tempted in by a short £110 p/h offer, against a usual £130.  Saw Sam a while before, and it was OW, no ifs & buts, but OWO is now on the menu, albeit at an extra £20 - which is probably worth it.

Venue is a decent apartment in Baldock, easy to find, and with parking.  Entrance is via entry phone away from prying eyes, with directions given once parked.  The door was opened and a pleasant welcome given by Sam wearing a silky gown over nothing else.  Pretty face with long dark hair - no complaints there.  More "young woman next door" than super-model, maybe, but I'm happy with that.

A shower was offered, but I didn't need anything other than a quick pee, having showered before setting out.  A nice touch was that she had disposable toothbrushes on offer - I guess more for her benefit than mine, given that she's quite clear on her profile about not wanting stinky people.

Then back to the room, which was small, but with a decent bed - who needs more, really?

Plenty of kissing and cuddling, which I like.  Off with the robe, to find a decent bod.  A little weightier than the photos, but not too bad.  Blatant tattoos, which I like - others may not.

Having previously enjoyed the OW (where she has a novel trick of using her mouth to apply the condom), I decided it was worth giving back my discount to get the OWO, and it was worth it.  She was the first person ever to get her lips to the bottom of my cock ages ago, and it was definitely better without.  (Though there's no CIM - I think there'd be a sharp slap if you come without warning - but at least that expectation is set early).

Couldn't spend too long on OWO before I knew I'd come, so moved onto RO & penetration.  All good for me, some hand action back on me.  She was happy to be rimmed, but nothing further than that.

Finished off with a load more oral, with a handjob to take me to the end.  Plenty of baby wipes, but nothing to dry off with afterwards, which was a bit of a pain.

Altogether, a positive from me in a relative punting desert.

Fantastic deep throat.

She talks for England!  Don't think it's done to timewaste (although you've got to be careful to make sure that doesn't happen) as much of it was afterwards.  In some respects it makes it more of a GFE, but it can get too much.
Needs to provide a towel or, at the very least, kitchen roll to dry off with after all those baby wipes.

2 review(s) found for SULTRY-SEXY-SAM linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Nice review I saw a few times a few years back she's a great girl but does like to talk. Her tattoos are a big turn on for me. Only reason I haven't seen her in ages was the lack of owo but now I think I will defo try and see her again. From what I remember she doesn't mind a bit of a spanking to rosy up her butt cheeks a bit

Offline NelsonH

Used to be "Sammy Spreddum" in Welwyn.

Long established favourite around here.

Offline dkn

Used to be "Sammy Spreddum" in Welwyn.

Long established favourite around here.
Indeed, and I have seen her before in her "Sammy  Spreadem" guise.

Offline Siadwel

Thanks for the review. It said a lot about her. Glad it was a Positive for you.

I had her on my HL about a year or so ago, but never got round to her and eventually moved her off. It's the 'Not going to happen' CIM, it can be a deal-breaker for me when I've got a nubile young thing on the end of my todge.

Fair enough.

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