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Author Topic: Being offered a drink  (Read 3679 times)

Obviously I don 't give a fuck about whether I get a drink or not, but in my considerable experience, almost without exception, the girls who offer you a drink are better than the ones who don't.
Don't know why this is. Maybe they're just more professional?

Definately more professional IMO. Its plain old basic manners. You offer someone a drink - its a nice friendly gesture and often helps to break the ice. They don't know whether someones had a drink beforehand or not, but they're just trying to make a customer feel more comfortable.

Understandably a punter will always be cautious and with a new girl I wouldn't accept anything other than water.

Offline taplow

The problem with accepting a drink is that I'm worried they might put a truth serum in it.  I turn up for an everyday punt and suddenly there's these WG;s controlling my mind. No, steer clear of anything personal, don't make eye contact and wear rubber gloves. 
Oh for fuck's sake, don't worry, just sit down and have a cup of tea.   

Offline Tjkooker

Don't take the op seriously. He/she is a troll
Banning reason: Outing and trolling a punter because he posted a negative about his favourite prossie. White-knight fluffy that pretends otherwise.

Online Marmalade

The op was more concerned with security issues about accepting a drink during a punt.

Indeed. But I think if he's big enough to punt he's big enough to decide if and when and how to accept a drink (or not). What's the worst that could happen? Robbed, wake up in the bath with lots of ice and a kidney missing, abducted by terrorist abolitionist pimps, or beaten up or knifed to death by a crackhead or psycho. The world is a scary place. But the chances of a good prossie doing that are pretty negligible.

When punting in a slightly dodgy (or unknown) strange country, or the same for an unknown situation, I extend my safety zone bit by bit. Start very careful indeed. Read the signs. Do that over a number of different punts while considering potential dangers. Think of every bad thing that could happen and how to deal with it / minimize it / avoid it. There's no one rule to fit every situation. You simply learn and grow safely and sensibly. Each time you find a similar situation you know more and extend your comfort zone a few more degrees. The fact that there are nutters out there gives pause for thought. Not paranoia.

If you want to be 100% safe it is better to stay in the care home or your parents' bedroom, hoping the roof doesn't cave in while you're asleep!
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Offline TheCape

Take a bottle of expensive wine.  She'll share it with you and everyone's a winner.

Online Marmalade

Take a bottle of expensive wine.  She'll share it with you and everyone's a winner.

Yep. Something like this maybe:

"Fresh, crisp, with crunchy green apples and nectarines along with lots of stony minerality, it’s the perfect aperitif for any special celebration.”

Sounds just right. And if your punt cost you £120 then the above only costs you another £120 exactly, so at £240 an hour I doubt if she will share the bubbly with whoever brings it as that 'punter''s middle name is clearly 'Shit-for-brains.'  :rolleyes: :wacko:

Offline El Jefe

Couldn't give a shiny shite!  :D

But I don't accept just to be safe, there are some crazy people out there.

Offline mf_1101

One time I got really paranoid about drinking spiked alcohol but it's all from reading "horror" stories which may or may not be bullshit.

As someone else said, if they wanted to rob you, they would get their pimp and a baseball bat and you'd hand over money much more easily and cheaply than them going out to buy a sedative to put you to sleep.

Now it doesn't even cross my mind - I only go for a drink if I am thirsty after a long drive and forgotten to hydrate, otherwise I see it potentially as a timewasting tactic. Some regulars don't include it as part of the service and even let you stay after, it's pretty nice to have a cuppa and some biscuits and learn a bit about the person behind the face you've just covered.  :D Just down to earth ladies making a living. 

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