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Author Topic: Seeing the same girl again  (Read 2123 times)

Offline Matty24579

I have seen this polish girl called Isabelle who lives about 20 minutes away from me i saw her twice last year and decided to see her last night.I like her very much as she is a friendly and warm person she has a nice sense of humour and has a laugh with you.

Offline Largs43

After 9 punts, I'm ready to start revisiting the girls I've enjoyed the most.

It'll be a few months since I last saw most of them, a few weeks for some others.

I don't expect the next sessions to be much different, except maybe to start the action quicker, now they know I'm a normal, safe, horny guy and not some nutter. I don't expect they'll remember anything about me, my "likes" or my name, except that we had a smooth transaction in the past.

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