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Author Topic: New Mature Male  (Read 1588 times)

Offline Tammy1234

Hi All,

I am a mature male in my late 50's who has not had sex for years and who lacks confidence and I have just visited the AW site.
Some of you guys must think I am soft but believe me it is no fun. I am married but the wife has gave up such desires many years ago and I am desperate to have some female closeness but I am afraid.
I would like to meet an escort with a caring attitude, even if it is just for a massage and hand job to start me off, please can you provide me with such a female. I am in the Edinburgh area and I am truly genuine.
I would be very grateful for any assistance and I would provide a report of any visit
Thank You

Welcome  :drinks:      I wish you best of luck but most my experience is Glasgow so couldn't offer help in the east  but wish you good luck and enjoy

If you want to start with something simple and not too scary I'd go for Lucrezia7. She has her detractors, not least because she is expensive for what you get (massage and HJ), but she does what she does really well. The massage will help you to relax before the big finish.

Only thing is, it sounds to me like you're after an emotional connection, and you probably won't get that from her (or any other girl). She's polite and chatty, but it's still just a business transaction when all is said and done. Sounds to me like it's a girlfriend you need.

Good luck mate  :drinks:

Offline Jock-Scot

You'd be surprised how many on here are in the same boat, no fun at home.

If it's been a while since you've been with a woman how about either visiting one of the sauna's, at least there you'd get a chance to talk to the girls available and that may put you at ease. My other thought is why not search again on AW and look for a WG a bit older than the teeny-boppers of the twenty-somethings. That might help put you at ease and get the old fires going again.

Hope you don't think I'm too cheeky, but I'm in the same boat as you. I can't remember the last time I've had any fun at home and I'm in my late forty's!

Offline JazzMan

Saunas are idea because you can take your time and you have a choice of girl.
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Try sizzling sam on adult work,she is mid forties,nice face and great tits.She will listen and is a very caring person as I have been a regular for over 5 years.She works west side of Edinburgh.Also jenny fox who is mid fifty and is out west Lothian way and is also a very caring person and she has helped me out with a odd fetish I have and she is great company.Good luck and we all have been in the same boat at one time or another.

Offline Cb76

My suggestion, train through to Glasgow and see Kendra.
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My suggestion, train through to Glasgow and see Kendra.

Agree Kendra is def a great shout...... Great looking and very caring girl who will ease you back into things very slowly ....guaranteed satisfaction and no pressure

can i ask which part of Glasgow is Kendra??? After so many great reviews i was tempted to make a booking when she is next available but i will be restricted to city centre location

Offline Cb76

Tradeston, a few minutes walk from city centre.

Going back to original post I do really recommend Kendra, a stunning girl, my fear for you would be seeing someone who didn't come up to expectations, we have all been caught out by girls usng their very best or years old photos!

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Offline ntowner

Based on what you say you are looking for you could not fare better than sweet n petite of insatiable sophie in Edinburgh.
Neither is busty but are equally superb at what they do.
I know them both....and am older tban you!!

Offline Happyjose

Not logged on since his original post

Maybe afraid of his computer now

Offline Tammy1234

I am going to book for a massage and h/r initially. Please note I do appreciate all the help and advice given to me.
When I have carried out the booking I will complete an update.

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