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Author Topic: Mooregate Area Queries  (Read 633 times)

Hi there,  I've been reading the site for a while, been punting off and on over the years. However im I'm in London on business this week and am staying around the Mooregate area.
wondering if people had a recommendations for girls who will be very local, I dont mind whether its in or outcalls or a parlour. If its out it needs to bw somewhere very local as I wont know the area or really want to use the tube.
I know thays a lot of requirements but hoping you folks will have some good recommendations


Alice is a short walk from Old Street tube. Depends which part of Moorgate you are on as to whether this is close enough.

Staying around the Armoury House area, city road

Offline Riprock

Hi, you have a great catchment area from Moorgate. 

I fear you may be missing out on some quality punts by not using the tube to branch out a bit more.

Staying around the Armoury House area, city road

Then Alice is very close for you. She is good fun just talks a lot.

I'm not looking to break the bank on this punt, so any suggestions would be appreciated.  What were you thinking tube travel wise

Offline anyfucker

You have four tube lines at Moorgate and a short walk to others so you have all of zone 1 for the price of a tube ticket.
Get the postcode of your hotel and search within say three miles, to help you get started i used EC2R and got 158 available today.
You can narrow it down by price, age etc but should still be able to find at least one that floats your boat.

You should also find a good few suggestions in the Barbican area, just a few minutes walk away from Moorgate.

Try Mia in Chancery Lane, petite Polish girl, pretty, offers superb owo.

Offline closeshave

Any link. Nothing homing up for her under chancery lane

20 review(s) found for ##MIA## linked to in above post (19 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline closeshave



Shows Chelmsford today which is why not showing

If you can get to Euston Square -  4 stops from Moorgate then Sophie is great fun too.


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