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Author Topic: new and looking  (Read 661 times)

hi all my 1st posting so be gentle lol

seen a few wg in my time some good some bad , enjoy prestige but there prices is a bit too high , maybe come down a bit and they would imo get more bookings
and no I am nothing to do with them

I would like to if anyone knows of mary from NG, was a punt from years back ,would like to see her again

anyway keep up the info all , great to read

Offline tommyh

mary the milf? i'd see her again although she'd be in her 50's by now. saw her in gateshead about ten years ago i think. she was very, very good.
Banning reason: STD troll

that's the 1 tom .... my 1st punt ahh she was perfect lol... so anyone know of mary 10 years back worked for NG

Offline Gothic D

I saw her a couple of times and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
My favourite NG  though was Nicole.

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