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Author Topic: W/G answers phone while getting banged - strange  (Read 2476 times)

Banging in mish when she picks up her phone and starts txting. Real turn off and one reason why Melissa got a neg review from me. If I'm paying the bill i want 100% focus on my pleasure, how the WG manages her bookings after I have left is down to her.

I told my favourite wg to answer her phone once. I offered to go down on her whilst she was talking to a client, see if she could keep her voice steady. I did it for a laugh.
She was very professional and said no.

Something on those lines.

We'd finished round 1, I'd gone to bathroom to freshen up, she was on phone answering texts, so I went under the duvet and started licking her to set up round 2.

She was telling the punter, by text what was happening and judging by how wet she was, enjoyed the experience too.  :drinks:

Offline The happy one

Was with an eye girl and her three phones kept going off told her to put them on quite

Then one vibrated so I said answer it but the last one

Grew an extra inch listening to her saying yes I do this and that and anal is extra £30

Took that as my ok to bash the back doors in

It took her breath away mine came in gasps and blew my load

Horny as fuck
Banning reason: Suspected pimp involved in organizing parties

Offline smiths

So, I called a w/g today and she answers and while we are discussing the services I can hear her breathing heavily and moaning, I even asked if she was with a client and she responds: "Yes, I am on top of one"  :D, now this has happened to me before and I ended up hanging the phone call.
Is it all just a scheme to show the punters that the w/g is busy and that they should book or she would would be booked the whole day if you do not book her now, or has the w/g really answered her phone while "on top of a client".
Personally, it would piss me off if the w/g answered the phone while I was with her, so I hanged up the phone left a text.
Has this happened to anyone before or am I the only one to experience this??? :scare:.

What it shows me is such WGs offer a bad service so I would avoid them, its basic that a WGs phone should be off or on silent while punting. Sounds like a right greedy cunt to me.

Offline GreyDave

A while ago there was a palour called Sweet Surprise run by an Indian girl Neeta Got to give the credit for finding again to Steve2 who reveiwed her on PN.. anyways was doing the biz with one of her large tited girls and the phone went  :angry: she answer with hello Mum ... then a chat of a good ten mins whilst I was still on the case Neeta even knocked on the door to find out what was going on I opened it with a foot and gestured and carryed on shagging her  :D :D I love doing it I front of others :D :D :D.
Neeta was a good shag too shame they closed it was on top of some shops so I supose the footfall was a problem.. :unknown:

I think I'd potentially get a kick out of them talking on the phone, although it has never actually happened to me before.
Not all the time I was with the girl, but maybe one call wouldn't bother me. Weirdly I think it is more impersonal to text in a way. At least when they are on the phone they are just talking, not actually physically doing something else, if that makes sense.

Offline spkmstr48

That's given me an idea, order a submissive to make a call whilst being spanked.  :diablo:

Post number 666  :diablo: :diablo: :diablo:
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