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Author Topic: Blonde Bombshell in Bristol  (Read 600 times)

Offline Roth

And here's Dya again probably!   :wackogirl:


New profile up today. 

English Blonde Bombshell seemingly.  Shame she didn't study English at school looking at her profile.  :dash: :dash:

Deffo not English on the phone.  Probably Romanian and working out of the same location as Dya.  So probably it is her or at least it's the same Sergei.  :dash: :dash:


Offline JV547845

Gone, not even up two hours.

Offline Roth

Gone, not even up two hours.

Fuck knows what Sergei is playing at?  :dash: :dash:
Maybe it's his little bit of fun?! :wacko: :crazy:

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