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Author Topic: teacola-rose anyone had the pleasure?  (Read 3487 times)

Offline bazza

i have had a search and she hasnt come on here as far as i am aware. looks pretty damn good to me! tend to like slightly older normally for more maturity but really tempted. has anyone seen her before? cheers


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Offline NEGaz

She does look hot. Pity no owo though

Offline bazza

yeah true but i can forgive that for the sight!

Offline NEGaz

Yeah I must admit I'm tempted by her

Offline bazza

i have been in touch but she is only working till 8 tonight so thats a bit of a no for me, today at least! does have the best body around here thats for sure

Offline NEGaz

Yeah from what I've seen in the hull area your not wrong

Offline bazza

unfortunatley its the case! the better ones tend to end up being romanian etc and i dont really want to go there!

Offline NEGaz

Yeah I stay away from the EE girls

Offline Allnewman

Yea I would see her if she did owo

Offline p3ngu1n

I've got her on my HL - she would definitely get it! Will post a review when I punt

She is a stunning looking girl, who gives a pretty good service.
No OWO and not much kissing though.
Her tits are enhanced, some would say not the best job as her nips are a bit askew.
If you want to empty your sack into a stunner she is worth a visit.
Parking is ok on meters near her apartment, and her place is clean and tidy.

One final thought, she is one of twins. Sadly her sister doesn't work.

Offline teacola-rose

  • Service Provider
  • Posts: 1
hello guys Im here just to say my part. Im so sorry that I don't do o.w.o as some of you guys love that in your bookings. but i know some of the girls on the site that i can say yes she likes to give o.w.o and safe too.   i can see some escorts get a bit of trouble by people saying what they think witch is rightly so. I notice I got my first share too. if any you guys have anything to ask me please just call or text and i will be happy to answer.     x x x

Offline Mikeyorks

I saw her about a year ago, bit chavvy by york standards but that makes her near middle class in hull. Kissing wasn't great, but happened, no owo already discussed but is a shame. Amazing legs, gorgeous feet if like me you have a foot fetish. Tits are great to kiss etc but are fake and very obviously fake. I'd see her again if I wanted a quick punt, as she was good looking and the apartment was defintiely secure etc, but would want to have a few more girls before going back for more. On the plus side the photos are very accurate

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