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Author Topic: Dundee Ramona  (Read 1015 times)

 Stunning looking but what a let down, I am sure I have seen her before under another name. Massage was one of the worst ever, no eye contact when doing the business.  No kissing at all and that includes body kissing. Does not allow you to give her the full length and no doggie. She was lovely to talk to and spoke good English but a waste of time.  There are better girls out there.

This should be in the reviews section, and some sort of link to a profile somewhere would be really helpful. :)

Cheers I just joined this today.  I will pay more attention to where I post it next time. I will struggle with the links this mobile is gash. It is probably the user tbh.  :-)

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Had to cancel when I was due to see her. Previously known as Mona in the Dundee thread. Still looking fine
Did you read the first post????????? Mona.

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Think you maybe kept your finger on the ? button too long.  I'm not really sure the point you are trying to make. Yes I did read the post - fact. Another poster asked for a link - did that.  She still looks fine - previous poster confirmed the pictures are real and she is a stunner, usually half the concern with a punt is that the pictures aren't real.  Just because one user had a bad experience doesn't mean it will be like that for everyone. Get your head out of your ass.  Also you signed off Mona so I can only assume that is your name.  Cool story bro :thumbsdown:
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