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Author Topic: Alicia_Masseuse: Wimbledon  (Read 1242 times)

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Offline phillipo

[Why not say she was a fat, smelly munter, who insisted on eating a mars bar while you shagged her, and who kept salamanders in her condom drawer? Then you can keep her all to yourself?]

In fact, dear reader, I cannot tell a lie.  Alicia is dazzling. A sexy, charming and energetic shag. Really wonderful – I cannot stress this enough. And I cannot write this without getting a boner. Forgive me if my typing is a bit shaky.

She is based very close to South Wimbledon station. Slightly confusing access instructions – it was windy, she speaks with a heavy accent so I couldn’t hear key pieces of information. But it all worked out fine.

I went because I wanted a proper massage– she has demonstrable skills in this department, and my body is falling apart. But we said hello, we chatted, stroked, started to snog, and before you know it we were naked and I was vigorously yodelling up the canyon, all thoughts of massage thrown out of the window. In fact, all thoughts of anything, apart frantic penetration from all angles, intense kissing, and sweat. And she has wonderful, wonderful control ‘downstairs’. Extraordinary.

A note-perfect ‘Girlfriend Experience’. Grrrr!


15 review(s) found for alicia_masseuse linked to in above post (15 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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