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Author Topic: Natalia/Estella/etc – Agency escort (Barracuda, Loyalty, Peachy, etc)  (Read 3867 times)

1 review(s) for E rik (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Jason

Escort name: Natalia (alias names: Natalie, Nataly, Nata, Estella, Perla, Tess, Pascale, Enrika, Olivia)
Website: http://www.agencybarracuda.co.uk/escort/natalia-0  (image form here)
Original profile: http://www.admiralescorts.com/escort/bayswater-w2-brunette-carla-1964
Adultwork profile (abandoned): https://www.adultwork.com/2658103 
Agency Phone: 07912673063
Date of Visit: April 2015, Type of Visit: Incall (W1U, Baker Street)
Incall price structure: 1h: £150, 1.5h: 200, 2h: £250, 3h: £350 (outcalls extra £50)
Time Spent: 1.5 hour, Fee Paid: £200

Natalia had been in my “hotlist” and then in my “maybe list” for a really *very, very* long time – since December 2013!!! She was on holidays when I strongly considered booking her back in Dec 2013 (see this thread) and then she seemingly disappeared. It turned out that a new profile was created for her with new pics - I couldn’t identify 100% it was actually her up until Sep. 2014 when she appeared very briefly on Adultwork (for a couple of days before abandoning her profile for good) with all pics used together. Now with her new pics (which are closer to the ones that once caught my eye in Dec 2013) I eventually decided to give her a go. Decent choice. Anyway, here is a detailed review about Natalia for you to decide whether she is the right girl for you.

ABOUT THE VENUE: (mostly positive)
A shared flat (shared with one girl Kim/Cleo) near Baker Street station (4 mins walk). Natalia’s bedroom is about 14 square metres and has laminate floors. The bed gets a bit squeaky during hard pounding in some positions (why do most girls have shitty beds?). Bedroom is not ensuite - bathroom is shared with her flatmate. It is decent sized bathroom (2.5 square metres), clean with plenty of shower gels available. A fresh towel was handed as well. Generally decent place. She uses this place also a residence.

Natalia is a beautiful Romanian in her early-mid 20s. She says she is 22y.o. and although she could easily pass for 22y.o this is a lie similar to that of her being Spanish. Diva escorts on their website say 24y.o. and I believe this is indeed her true age. Anyway it doesn’t really matter. The pictures are genuine. She has very long hair (reaching her arse!), pillow lips and beautiful eyes. Below I display her most accurate pictures about her face (97% accurate). About her body the pics are 99% accurate. She is petite, 5ft5in (1.64m) tall (barefoot), very slim/fit dress size 6, with a very nice arse and very nicely shaped 34B boobs.

Relevant Comments:
1. This girl has had 3 photoshoots. The first two pics above are from her first photoshoot in late 2013 (you can see them all in her original profile here). The 4th one from the left (with the bunny ears) is from her second photoshoot and the only one from that photoshoot that does her justice (most of the other pics from the 2nd photoshoot are crap and the reason I postponed my meeting with her for so long). Those with the yellow bikini and the last one are from her third photoshoot. The ones currently displayed on agency Barracuda (for historic reasons click the image format link) are all from her third photoshoot. The pics I display above are all accurate.
2. She has a small nose piercing (like the girl in this picture). She also has a butterfly tattoo on her left part of her abdominal region.
3. Facially she reminded me Adele4u. Except from the similar features they both wear no or very little make up but even without it they look beautiful –naturally beautiful.

1. Good attitude, quite friendly, polite, pleasant and smiling.
2. She has been in UK since Oct. 2013.
3. Her spoken English level is currently B1 as that is defined by CEFR.
4. There is this profile on Adultwork (https://www.adultwork.com/2658103) that is hers but she abandoned it within a few days and she even forgot about it. The phone number that used to be displayed (07786532464) is non-existent anymore. You cannot book her independently but anyway the difference would be just £20 (on Adultwork the fee was £130 instead of £150 and for 2hrs the price was the same (£250).

(A) Meeting arrangement: (positive)
Natalia works for several type A agencies (see definition of type A here). I arranged a booking with 20 mins notice. I called at xx:10 and the meeting started exactly at xx:30. I booked via Agency Barracuda.

(B) During the meeting: (mostly positive)
Services that I made use of: French kissing with tongue (superficial type), body kissing, protected vaginal penetration sex in several positions, OWO, cunnilingus, 69, facesitting, clit stroking, handjob, COB.

Extended version:
Natalia greeted me wearing bra and thong. We moved to the bedroom, I paid for 1 hour (£150) and went to the bathroom to have a quick shower –prior I asked about a shared shower but she refused. Anyway. On my return the action began with both sitting on the bed side by side doing some French kissing (superficial type i.e. lip-locking plus very infrequent tongue action). After we got undressed I lay down on the bed to receive a blowjob (OWO) for 3-4mins. On with the mac but as she grabbed the lube I told her to put it away and instead of start shagging her I spend 5-6mins on RO which she seemed to appreciate or “appreciate”. Then it was time for penetration in a couple of missionary positions (1, 2) for about 8 mins followed by cowgirl and inverted missionary action for another 6-7mins. Then some mutual masturbation for a couple of mins while fondling and I finally finished on her body. End of round 1 at about the half hour mark from the start of the booking.

Round 2 began after a five minute chat. Again started with FK (superficial type) and proceeded to RO. This time after some tongue action on her clit (3mins) I put myself into a position sideways to her and I started rubbing her clit while at intervals simultaneously playing with her boobs or FK her (superficially always). After a relatively lengthy handwork of about 9-10 minutes she reached a genuine orgasm (or at least she emulated a genuine orgasm quite realistically to fool me). We are now at the 48th minute mark and I already decided to extend for another half an hour - I made the payment (another £50) and we had a short 1min break to drink some water.

With the time extended we were now having 40mins left…Action resumed with a striptease (3mins) and as she was sensually moving above my (covered) cock I caught her and penetrated her from behind in the bodyguard doggy position (99) (5mins) and then I sat on the edge of the bed and had her sitting on my cock for a reverse seated cowgirl (3mins) as well as having her squat and me thrusting upwards (2mins). She then proceeded to kneel to give me OWO (3-4mins) and we moved things on the bed again with the cuissade/scissors position (5 mins). We then proceeded to 69 (2mins) which was converted into facesitting with wanking (2mins). Reason for the conversion was that she feared that I would cum in her mouth. Poor girl she didn't know that cumming was still 10mins far but anyway she compensated her refusal by taking a punishing hard penetration in missionary with body to body contact (9 mins) before I pulled out removed the condom and after some DIY (1min) I cummed on her tits. End of the marathon round 2. We cleaned up, I went to have a shower (again she refused a joint shower), I dressed up and left 4mins overtime.

1. Good sex. She took a prolonged pounding and she was willing to get into multiple positions without complaining.
2. Decent blowjob (OWO) – albeit nothing special it was enjoyable enough
3. Responsive during reverese oral and clit rubbing and she cums or “cums”
4. Good handjob
5. Nice (albeit amateur) lapdancing/striptease.
6. Relatively tight pussy
7. She never rushed me to cum and it appears that during the paid time cum times are unlimited.
8. No clockwatching. Also including my shower the meeting went 4 minutes overtime.
9. No back to back bookings (so it seems)
10. Freshly showered.
11. Punctual (meeting started on time).

1. French kissing was superficial. It was liplocking + some infrequent tongue action. There was some sensuality though so I didn't bother much about the not so proper not so continuous French kissing.
2. No CIM. Its absence doesn't bother me but towards the end of the second round she refused to perform a blowjob (OWO) fearing I would cum in her mouth – not trusting that I would warn her with plenty of notice.
3. No ball licking/sucking. She plays with the balls with her hand but she doesn't take them in her mouth.
4. No fingering (no fingers inside her vagina).
5. Although she ended up taking a hard pounding she initially requested it to be soft and she was sometimes placing briefly her hand to restrict deep penetration. But she didn't do this (hand restriction) very often so it didn’t bother me.
6. No shower together.
7. She fiddled with her phone 3-4 times when changed music for a total duration of 1 minute (being harsh here)


Q. Do I recommend her? A. If you like beautiful petite girls and you are happy with the available services and the price tag then I recommend. The service delivery is not something exceptional but quite pleasant nonetheless.
Q. Would I meet her again (going back in time)? A. Yes. I had an enjoyable time with her. The rate of £200 for 1.5.hour i.e. effective rate £133ph is a fair price for the whole package (of looks, service, attitude, premises and location) in my judgement.
Q. Will I meet her again in the future? A. Possibly as a plan B.

Attractiveness/Beauty: 8.5/10 (face score: 8.8/10; body score 8.2/10) – ratings are based on this scale and criteria (version 2.0)
Patience & Politeness/Friendliness: 10/10
GFE illusion: 7.0/10
Willingness to please: 8.6/10
Energy: 8.8/10
Participation & Enthusiasm: 8.8/10
Expression of enjoy: 9.6/10
Available services: 8.2/10
Quality of available services: 8.6/10
Hygiene Standard: 10/10
Sex Protection Standard: 10/10
Health level: 10/10
English level: 6.5/10
Smoker status: Unknown. No evidence to support she is a smoker either in her mouth taste or hair smell. But she is possibly a social smoker.
Tattoos: Yes, one discreet on the lower left part of her abdominal region (butterfly).
Piercings: Yes, one small on her nose (nostril piercing like this picture. NOT septum piercing)
Pubic hair: Fully shaven
Quality/price ratio: Fair

1. Nata, Admiral escorts (lying greedy scumbags), 2. Perla, Angels of London, 3. Nata Creme, Anna’s Angels, 4. Nata, Babes of London, 5. Tess,  Bond& Mayfair, 6.Natalie, Belgravia Orchids, 7. Nataly, Dating London escorts, 8. Natalia, Dejavu escort, 9. Natalia, Diamond London escorts, 10. Pascale, Diva escorts (arrogant cunts), 11. Olivia, Escort models, 12. Enrika, Eternity Girls, 13. Natalia, London GFE, 14. Nataly, Loyalty escorts, 15. Natalie, Mermaids of London, 16.Estella, Peachy escorts, 17. Nataly, Perfect London Escorts, 18. Estella, Satisfaction London

positive=4.5 or 5 stars, mostly positive=3.5 or 4 stars, mixed=2 or 3 stars, negative=0 or 1 stars
neutral=something that either doesn't bother me personally generally or didn't bother me at the time although it would be preferable if it were available or avoided (depending on the subject). It might be decisive for others though that is why is mentioned.


1 review(s) found for E rik linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Met her a few weeks ago. Think this sentence from the review sums up the punt "The service delivery is not something exceptional but quite pleasant nonetheless."

There is better at the price though she is perfectly nice and quite attractive. Somewhat reserved.

The AW profile is indeed hers.

Offline PLeisure

Met her a few weeks ago. Think this sentence from the review sums up the punt "The service delivery is not something exceptional but quite pleasant nonetheless."

There is better at the price though she is perfectly nice and quite attractive. Somewhat reserved.

The AW profile is indeed hers.
Would be greatly appreciated if you were to post a review  :hi:

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

She looks great and I can see the Adele4u likeness (particularly in the newly linked profile), but lack of CIM means she won't be for me.

Another fantastically informative review though Jason. Thanks for sharing.  :thumbsup:

Offline Jason

Adultwork profile: https://www.adultwork.com/3243438
Agency profile: http://www.admiralescorts.com/escort/marylebone-nw1-brunette-skinny-nata
Personal Phone: 07572464220
Date of last meeting: February 2016
Time spent: 1.5h
Fee paid: £170

This agency girl can now be booked as independent for £120ph. She used to have other AW profiles in the past but the price was still £150ph as in the agencies.  Pictures on the AW profile are shit as she is not photogenic. The only picture that is representative is this one here.

Meeting arrangement as independent was fine. It is her that answers her phone. A bit abrupt on the phone and gives a somewhat bad vibe but as I have already met her and I knew that she is friendly in person it didn’t put me off. She is lovely during text communication and doesn't come across at all as badly as she comes when you speak to her on the phone. She seems professional with her bookings, also requires a text confirmation 1 hour prior to the booking. Gives postcode upon booking, full address and flat number on arrival.

Other than the booking procedure as independent I don't have much to add to my original review. The same positives and the same limitations still apply and my conclusion about whether I recommend her or not is identical. There is now the additional limitation of no 69 position (RO is fine). She also changed place but it is still in the same area - close to Baker Street tube station (3 minutes walk). Flat is as good as the previous one, similar interior and modern bathroom. If I were to nitpick I would say the bed is a bit low to allow some standing doggy variants. It is sturdy though and good for most other sex positions. Her flatmate is still Kim (she doesn't have AW profile – only available on agencies).
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3 review(s) found for HOT ALEJANDRA linked to in above post (1 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline sweetas

Jason would you consider Anal with her? Do you think its realistic? I know she charges £50 extra, but most wont consider it anyway
Banning reason: Excessive abuse

Offline Paolo dw

Amazingly comprehensive view. How you remember the timescale of each activity is remarkable given the action taking place at the time!

Anyway, my point is the amount of photoshopping that takes place is a disgrace. Many of these girls are quite attractive without being distorted to look like someone else. Having seen Rubina and Zuza from HC I couldn't believe how different they looked from their profile. They were still both pretty hot, so but their photos gave a completely distorted view and were unnecessarily changed in my opinion. 

How many of us, at the moment the door opens, have that deflated feeling where that size 6-8, 22 year old toned hottie turns out to be a 12-14 40 year old rough bird? If this was any other business some of these agency's would be on Watchdog's Rogue Traders.

Offline red_zed

great work jason

We certainly need more aw links of agency girls to save a few £££

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