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Author Topic: Is the tightness of a pussy related to age and/or dress size?  (Read 2338 times)

Offline sam55

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I've had some young petite girls who had the equivalent of the chunnel, that's the channel tunnel, just in case there's confusion. :D :D :D 
On the other hand most of the size 12 plus WG's I've encountered have not been that tight.

Agree there.
I saw a tiny (size 6 maximum) Chinese girl recently and thought she'd be as tight as a mouse's ear, but she accommodated me without a struggle. I'm not Errol Flynn but not small either.

Offline midspunt69

Age and petiteness. Find an 18 year old with a size 6-8 figure and they are usually tight as fuck.
Dress size got nothing to do with it
Age is definitely a factor its all down to pelvic floor muscle
Tightest cunt I ever had was a size 16 hooker called Emma from Oldbury she was 32 never felt anything like it
I've fucked teen/early 20s & many have had wizard sleeves  :scare:
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Offline spkmstr48

In general teens are tight in my experience. Also often find it hard to get in a girl who's just cum!
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