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Author Topic: CAM SCAMMERS  (Read 792 times)

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There are reviews on this site for Lola Gatsby, and it was only yesterday that I noticed she'd put escorting back on her profile.

Tempted to visit, however its at the top end of my budget.

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OP - this statement is libellous! I do not scam my clients! I have escorted since June 2014, and the first time I met a lot of my clients was on call. I also choose to offer webcam services. Prospective clients may choose to webcam with me if they so wish, but it is not an essential prerequisite to seeing me.

My operation has slightly changed since I first started - I ask to see a picture of my client. They can send this to me for free if they ask for my email. I temporarily stopped escorting, hence the lack of recent reviews, but I can assure you I am now active again, just far more selective with my clients: I like for us to have some form of mutual attraction, whether that is physical or meaning we can have a quick chat before getting down to business, but an introductory email or two and a face picture is more than enough for me to judge this. I like to have a little bit of fun myself, after all.

I would also like to advise you that not all of my clients have chosen to leave feedback - so how on earth do you know how busy I have been?

I would like you to remove my name from this list please. How dare you make presumptions about my work. It is NOT okay for you to post this kind of material.

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