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Author Topic: Shandie  (Read 1606 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/266653 or https://www.adultwork.com/Shandie

When I first tried to arrange an outcall with Shandie she asked me if I knew of this website and when I confirmed that I did she was very offhand with me, saying that the visit wasn't going to happen because she was fed up with people from here contacting her !  Then I did a quick search on here and found out that she'd done the same to other people, so at least I wasn't the only one. Either someone on here really upset here or she doesn't understand that advertising on the internet is going to get people contacting you. Anyway, I couldn't help but think that I'd seen her somewhere before and while trawling through some milf porn sites came across (excuse the pun) some pictures of her showing off her assets.
Now, I do like a milf and I don't know what it is, but there's something about her that really appeals to me, probably the tits if I'm honest. And she has got a really horny look to her in some of her photos.  Anyway, I thought what the hell, lets go for it. I left it a few weeks, changed my name on AW, and contacted her again. Complete change of attitude, she couldn't have been more pleasant and we arranged to meet at a hotel in London.
She arrived wearing a bright pink/white/purple outfit ( hardly subtle ) and I was very glad that I hadn't had to walk through reception with her as she would certainly have drawn attention. Paperwork completed, she started to undress and chat away. At first I thought she was trying to put me at my ease by chatting but be warned, this woman can talk for England. She talks constantly about any old rubbish. Jesus, she just never shuts up. It was a double pleasure to eventually stuff my cock in her mouth. Silence  at last, apart from the odd gagging noise obviously.
The thing is, she does a great oral, when of the best I've had, didn't take my whole length but very slow and sensual to start and then took her hand away as requested and allowed me to slide in and out at my own pace until I got a bit too fast and furious for her. It wouldn't have taken much longer for me to have exploded  anyway, so I lay her on the bed and started to give her pussy a good licking. Fuck, she started talking again! What the hell is up with her? Very off-putting when you're trying to eat her out. I carried on regardless and the talk eventually turned to moans and groans. I could feel her nipples getting hard and glanced up at her and could see that her face, neck and tits were bright red. No acting here, she was enjoying that and she was really ready to cum. And then she did. Jesus, did she cum. Noisy orgasm, thighs squeezing my head, convulsions almost throwing me off the bed and then uncontrollable laughter as I continued with my tongue on her clit. God she was good and very, very wet.
A few moments to compose herself and then on with the mac and she was riding me. Those tits bouncing up and down in front of you really are a sight to admire. Then turned her over for doggy before finishing off in missionary. And I have to admit I haven't cum that strongly and pump out so much for a long long time. Well satisfied.
Then she started talking again !  Some people might like incessant talking but I'm afraid it's just a noise to me.
Anyway, overall pretty much a positive from me. Best sex from a wg I've had for a long, long time, just needs to quieten down a bit and her attitude to this site is a bit weird. Would see again , but she really needs to keep her mouth shut if she isn't sucking cock.
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1 review(s) found for Ryla linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

I left it a few weeks, changed my name on AW, and contacted her again.

How do you change name on AW...do you mean create a brand new account?

Nice review.  :hi:

Personally I'd of given her a negative if she wouldn't STFU. The only thing I want to hear during a punt is my balls slapping against that money maker.  ;)

... and what's with all the ''Hasselhoff'' posing in her gallery pics?  :dancegirl:

Offline discokidroy

Rocket Scientist - Sorry, I meant that I deleted my original details and joined again with a different name.

Bangers and Gash - Know what you mean and I was in 3 minds between positive negative and neutral. Decided on positive because - she looked like her pictures (maybe a couple of extra pounds that's all) - for a 60 odd year old she's got a great body, firm and tight - the sex was fantastic ! (may have been something to do with seeing so many pictures of her it was great to have her in the flesh). And at the end of the day although I wish she'd STFU, she'd emptied me and left me well satisfied, which is what it's all about.
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