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Author Topic: A quick thai snack  (Read 1094 times)

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Online GreyDave

https://www.adultwork.com/2767573 or https://www.adultwork.com/hot+thai+model
Saw the AW page read a few of the reveiws and rang, block of flats ground floor flat 1st door on entry= safe easy to find Parking ok but could be a pain I had change so all ok. Once inside nice looking short thai girl opens door and ushers me to clean room she is very pretty but not the girl on page I ask for the one on page "ha she busy wait 5mins?" ok I used the loo and on my return another pretty plumpish not the girl on site is there.
Large hips good firm arse and firm tits with 2inch aerobacked plump nipples. Yup you`ll do for me I thought. So not the girl in ad but a good choice. No kissing this was a quicky I laid down she sat on my legs and took off top whilst playing with the little chap I stroked her tits "ah cold hands" what on the hotest day of the year so far.."I suck you hard yes ?" so she rubbers me up with OW till I am firm `I go on top ?" I thought nah that arse is gonna be the bumper stop so I pounded her in doggy on the edge of the bed which was a good height( I stood though the whole punt colapsing at the end  :D )and felt those firm tits twisting the nipples. Like a lot of girls after a few hard strokes she checks the rubber with her hand only to almost lose it as I pull out for re entry ??? Like a few guy here I try and do kergal exercises ie pump in a bit being only 4 inches every little bit helps eh? so the little fella s bounced a few times "you `ve cum yes" No I say and re fit the rubber and turn her to Mish on corner of bed me standing she re checks the thing as I unfold her legs open and arch my back to hold her tits and sort of squat thrust standing shag her... slowly she gives a smile and I continue she plays with herself theres a knock on the door, somethings said in Thai and I go for it funny how you always are rock hard just before the end she smiles again as she knows the end is close for me holding and kneding her tits then holding her hips as I grind the last spurt out I with draw and she cleans me up with wipes I use the bathroom clean and tidy I dress -depart Only to find a warden  :scare: looking at the ticket on my Guvnors old Jag which I had used shit 5mins on ticket remaining those chaps are after ticketing 1 min over he was waiting and I would of paid double the punt So Be aware of the parking restrictions here its near the town and Station just up from another local girls place also a nightmare to park. To sum up a quick tasy pump and dump cheap and filled the need not the girl on the tin but still good as steve 2 says enjoy :drinks:

2 review(s) found for hot thai model linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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