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Author Topic: Street workers  (Read 857 times)

Are there many about Newport nowadays? Had a quick nosey about pill but never much luck?

Cheers  :rolleyes:

Why would you risk it with so many indies around?

Especially in Pill

Offline HughJardon

To coin a phrase from the cocksmith " dont fucking bother" Street walkers are riddled with all sorts and also if the police do catch you then its a double dose of trouble, Your far better booking an Indie and paying that little extra for the solitude and safety of being indoors bit thats just my humble opinion

Offline Gigiddy

Street walkers in Pill, that could be considered serious self abuse. If you do choose this route may I suggest a two week prophylactic course of ciprofloxacin. Safe journey
Banning reason: Frivolous reporting

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