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Author Topic: Nadia, Romilly St Walk up  (Read 1831 times)

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Offline od13218

No website of course as it's a walk up, but this is Nadia, working at 34 Romilly St in the upper flat.
Saw her this afternoon, had been out late last night looking for a punt but couldn't find the right girl - by this afternoon I was desperate to empty my sack, and when I saw the Nadia's name was up at Romilly St I remembered there were some positive comments on the Soho thread so thought I'd take the collective advice.
Very glad I did.
The room is nice for Soho - more spacious than some, clean, mirror on the ceiling and porn on the telly! Someone mentioned that there were no washing facilities but that's not the case now.
Nadia is a delight - a petite but busty Turkish girl who gives the impression of being genuinely happy to see you. A few tattoos on her arm, pretty face, helped by the fact that she is always smiling.
I usually go for the basic pump and dump in Soho, especially the first time with someone, but fancied her a lot so opted for oral plus a couple of positions which was £40 plus the usual £2 for the maid.
Her oral skills are excellent; after a bit of gentle kissing (not FK), and some nipple licking and biting, she put the condom on with her mouth and took it pretty deep, a lot of licking up and down the shaft, circling her tongue, all sorts - I was very close to popping so asked her to climb on top and the view of her pert arse bobbing up and down - combined with the ceiling mirror view - did for me pretty quickly, so I only got my one position, but it was a bloody good pop, was actually shaking for a while afterwards, probably because it was much needed :)
Anyway she didn't kick me out but we kissed and cuddled for a bit longer until it was time to go - I was there for almost half an hour. She is, as someone else reported today, off on holiday for 2 weeks, but I can safely say I've found a new Soho favourite.
She says Tuesday to Friday are her usual days and she's back at the beginning of May.

Offline sailor3

"when I saw the Nadia's name was up at Romilly St"
Sorry, this is probably a stupid question, but never having tried a walk up, how/where do find out who is operating at which address on which days and times? Is there a site that tells you? Or do you simply find out when you walk in?

Offline closeshave

See soho walk up  thread pretty accurate.  And they have their names showing on doors

And they have their names showing on doors

Unfortunately not always true.  Only about half of them show the names.  If you go up the steps you may see them (out of direct view from the road) but otherwise you have to knock on the door to find out who's working.

Offline od13218

Romilly St and 8 Greek St are 2 which show the names. That is particularly useful for 8 Greek St because their rota varies a lot!
With most of  the others, you have to go in- but if you don't fancy the girl, there's absolutely no obligation to stay.

Offline Ghost5

Kissing? I've been a regular and she never did it with me. Anyhow, now she left soho, she said that she was going somewhere else in London but can't remember where. Anyone got a clue?

Nadia now works at the walkup at 70a Berwick Street, I understand. Definitely Sundays and probably a couple of other days too. Very good service.

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