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Author Topic: Natural Daisy (Leeds)  (Read 1586 times)

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Offline bod666

Natural attractive, sexy British brunette student

https://www.adultwork.com/2001862 or https://www.adultwork.com/natural%2Ddaisy

Location: My hotel room.
Comms: All done via e-mail several days before, aw booking sent and confirmed by Daisy.  She texted me the day before the meet to give me her number and ask for my room details.
Price: £150 for an hour outcall.

It turns out that Daisy lives in York and got the train into Leeds to see me, she kept me well informed of progress by text and we'd had a nice chat prior to the meet via email and text to get a feel for each other.

Due to fun and games with the intercom to my room I ended up having to go down and let Daisy into my apartment building (it is a hotel but doesn't have a reception - very handy for hosting escorts ;) ) - I was greeted by a vision of loveliness in a figure hugging blue dress and jacket.  Long brown hair, blue eyes - her profile currently doesn't have a picture but trust me in that she is girl next door hot!  She doesn't look like a model like Sensual Amy or Sweet Gabi but she is more than hot enough for me ;)

We got the lift up to my room and chatted a bit nervously, entered the room and I offered her a drink.  Poured a glass of wine for each other then we sat on the sofa and had a chat.  We chatted for a bit then I got up and moved closer to her to kiss her. We both ended up standing with me behind her as I took her dress off.  She rubbed herself against me as I kissed her neck.  I quickly got her completely naked and thoroughly enjoyed the feel of me standing fully clothed with this lovely young thing pressed against me.  Delicious.  She quickly got to her knees and freed my rather excited chap from the confines of my pants and gave him a very pleasing seeing to with her mouth.  After enjoying that for a while I guided her to the bed where the rest of my clothes came off and we had some more pleasing heavy petting on the bed.  I moved my fingers down to her pussy and found her sopping wet - a rare experience these days to find a girl that gets so naturally turned on, we lay next to each other me playing with her wet pussy and her wanking my cock for a while.  Then she turned to me and said, "where do you want me?" - "on top", said I, and i was briefly concerned that she was going to jump on there and then until a look crossed her face and she said "condoms!" and sashayed out the room to return a few moments later with said articles.  She's definitely a newbee to the world of escorting - and man is it nice! 

On with the mac and there then followed a variety of sexual positions - a highlight that sticks in my mind is when I had her "prone bone" and we found out that the bed was on wheels!  I was enjoying myself so much with the sex that it didn't even cross my mind to pull out and spray anyway - so I filled the bag and collapsed spent.  Daisy bless her went and got the glasses of wine and we had a pleasant chat and drink while I recovered.  Then onto round two where we moved to the sofa for more very very enjoyable sex (again I filled the bag).  More interesting and stimulating chat and then Daisy got dressed into more casual clothes and off she went leaving me a very happy little filth monkey.

So in summary - really nice, interesting and sexy British brunette GFE - it feels natural, nothing like the somewhat more cold transactional experiences you can have with eastern european girls.  It was expensive - but when you consider she doesn't live in Leeds and its an outcall it isn't really.

Writing this I have no idea why I haven't seen her again - that is a mistake I'm going to try to fix next week!

1 review(s) found for natural-daisy linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline costa

Another great review pal , looks wise how would she compare to say tiff , candii or gabi - these are or were my regs . Would it be worth booking a hotel just to see her or would that expense not be worth it going by the regulars I see . It say on aw she's rocking a bush as well .

Offline bod666

Looks are always subjective - bear in mind i am not a gentleman so i do not prefer blondes ;) If i was giving marks out of 10 - Gabi and Candii would have a 9, Tiff a 8 and Daisy a 7 or 8. However Daisy gave a refreshing natural gfe experience that was probably better than all of the others mentioned.

So yes imho definitely worth booking a hotel and trying to entice her to see you if you can't take her to your own home.
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Offline costa

Cheers I'll give it some thought for sure , I'll keep an eye on her profile sometime the outcall girls only when there starting out but soon after they realise how much can be made and start doing In Calls from hotels. 

She advertises as receiving BDSM, did that come across at all?

Offline bod666

She advertises as receiving BDSM, did that come across at all?

Not really no. But then I'm a vanilla gfe kind of guy. Didn't discuss it either sorry. That's one to ask her yourself.

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