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Author Topic: Escorts near Stonehaven  (Read 1715 times)

Hi everyone

Was just wondering if anyone knew of any escorts near the town of Stonehaven south of aberdeen.

I would travel to aberdeen however it's a bit of a struggle due to the fact I'm in a wheelchair

Thanks in advance

Offline bbj1980

You might get an outcall from Aberdeen mate.

I know some escorts mention they cater for disability. adultwork search is your best bet, stay away from escort scotland

Offline ik8133

Hi Stevie,

Welcome to UKP!

There is Layla Devine, she has disable clients in her likes list, I haven't seen her myself though.   

https://www.adultwork.com/1515584 or https://www.adultwork.com/Layla%5FDevine

Good feedback on AW and has had a mention on here, but not a full blown review.  If you type 1515584 in the search field you can read for yourself.
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Thank you bit nervous about calling her I'm a first timer not sure what is legal etc

There are quite a few highly rated girls is Aberdeen who list outcalls and disabled clients in their profiles. Go to the search page and you can select them as search criteria. Obviously, they will charge for travelling time so it could get expensive, so choose carefully; make sure they have a lot of good feedback on AW and preferably here too.

Don't worry about legality issues. Nobody is going to care about a guy inviting a girl to visit him at home, and you're not breaking the law anyway.

Good luck

Offline auldie63

Once the girl is in your place, provided everything is mutually agreeable, it is no business of PC Plod or any other bastard what you and her want to indulge in.

Ive seen layla 3 or 4 times - shes great
if she was in aberdeen or did half hours, I would see her more

I think she would be a good choice for a first appointment
I would be very open with her about what you'd like to do and if you have any limitations

edit :
just to add she lives a fairly rural cottage, with steep stairs and narrow doors, I doubt it would be accessable in a wheelchair
outcall would be the way to go
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