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Author Topic: Sexy busty bunny in Bradford anyone?  (Read 1222 times)

I all, anyone had the pleasure (or otherwise) of this lady


I was considering her in next few weeks and thought I'd check to see if anyone had seen her.


Kilted Viking

Over 80 views and no one has seen/heard of her?

Mind you her profile was started in January this year and she comments about booking through AW to boost feedback both ways. So someone genuinely trying to build a reputation (everyone had to start somewhere I guess)?

I called her yesterday and she is definitely a Yorkshire lass, sounds friendly and easy to talk to.

The pics on her free gallery are all a bit hardcore for my liking, I prefer glamorous shots as opposed to full on porno scenes.

Anyway, might TOFTT as she is local to me, sounds OK and reasonably priced.

Online cueball

Not got anything for you bud, I might be interested as I get over that way on occasion but too far for me to TOFTT, if she's on your doorstep then maybe you'll be punting and putting a welcome review up on her.

Thanks cueball, I think I'll set something up with her, but will have my suspicious hat on, ready for quick get out if I need to. I'll definitely call her again and glean a bit more about her. Those scary stories about pimps or apparent boyfriend turning up while punter is starkers are very worrying.

Offline Allnewman

She used to work at a1 massage on Thornton road in Bradford was a very average punt will be mid 30s easily now

Thanks Allnewman, that was exactly the kind of insight I was hoping for through UKP. Doesn't necessarily put me off, at least she's a real working girl. And I'm probably a "very average punter" so she might be a good call as my first foray into in calls in Yorkshire.

Lexi Ryder still on my list but her touring and availability is difficult to tie in with my own free slots (no fault of hers at all, her profile is very up to date with availability info)

Offline Allnewman

Just get lexi Ryder booked great punt an mint body

Offline GDYork

I called her the other day but she wasn't in Bradford -seems she works in other towns & cities.
Told me she's in Bradford on Thursdays only?

Yep, she told me the same thing, Thursdays are actually good for me so I'm planning to book her for during the day in a few weeks time. Will review of course.

Also fully planning to book Lexi Ryder too when I can sort mutual availability.

Offline Lijunwei

lexi ryder is a good value punt i would say...
saw her last summer and a very willing girl indeed..shame she charges extra for facials..as i would love to paint her with some of my panda cream

Offline GDYork

I've been trying to see Lexi for ages now - she's usually a very busy lady & twice I've made bookings to see her which for one reason or another she's had to cancel.
I see she's upped her rates a little now

Offline Allnewman

Rates look like there different because she is touring

This thread is very quickly turning into a Lexi Ryder thread, which is perhaps not a bad thing. I'll pursue getting a session booked in with her and post a review.

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