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Author Topic: Bucharest in May  (Read 1326 times)

Hey lads, there is a large group of us travelling to Bucharest in May and I was wondering if any lads had any advice on clubs or venues for us to check out? None of us have been there before so have no idea what way the place is like for punting so any advice will be appreciated

Offline vt

Was told by a Romanian girl from London parties that there are some very luxurious club venues (brothels) in Bucharest, but I can't help as to what and where. Maybe check out ISG.

I know indie prices are very low (£15-30ph), but maybe only accessible if you're local or Romanian-speaking. Though a lot of young people speak some English nowadays.


£1= approx 6RON
100RON= approx £16

Went in March and tried independents which was complete crap.  Centre of old town has loads of massage parlours and I would recommend trying there (and let us know how you get on?)

Offline maddog

Will be on business there next week, any particular ladies you recommend?

Didn't try any of the parlours but think it would be better than independents - had bad experience with both indies booked so do not recommend at all!

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