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Author Topic: Lindsey, MissKDD and us boys - an evening on the MFMFM carousel  (Read 3220 times)

88 review(s) for MissKDD (88 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]
64 review(s) for Lindsey_xxx (64 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline closeshave

I'm sick of reading Bout these girls cause I'm so funking jealous


I'm sick of reading Bout these girls cause I'm so funking jealous

Excellent review from 2 of the top London performers

+1 - Hope to see both the girls very soon - Just getting in my head all the things I want to cross off from my Bucket List!!


Offline hendrix

And from my perspective:

This was originally an MMFF that I had set up some time ago, but after taking to d00fer and Sylvester and ok'ing it with the girls,  was happy to turn it into an MMMFF. Arranged to meet my fellow UKP'ers beforehand for a quick drink and a chat. Definitely a good idea as full and frank discussions are better face to face rather than pm.

A short stroll to KDD's temporary incall and I must admit, having already been to that flat several times, I was a bit concerned as it was an absolute scorcher in London that day. Certainly effected my game :(

Still, solider on and all that :D KDD eventually let us in looking pretty damn fine, quick snog and then the same with Lindsey also looking fantastic. I then pissed them both off by suggesting the shared shower idea as they'd spent a while getting ready. The girls are troopers though, so the punter shower queue started. I think I was last in, snogged, groped, fondled and sucked by two slippery wet women. Where did it all go wrong? :D

Into the already hot bedroom and kicked off proceedings by getting the girls to do what they're exceptional at, on their knees and deep throating sylvester and d00fer.

Other highlights for me:

Having the bowling ball grip on both KDD and Lindsey simultaneously.
Fucking KDD, pussy and arse, while she licked out Lindsey who was sucking sylvester and wanking d00fer.
Extreme deep throat from Lindsey while she was fucked hard by somebody.
Fantastic anal reverse cowgirl with KDD on the sofa while she described what was happening to Lindsey on the bed.
KDD deepthroating somebody and squirting all over my fingers while doing so.
KDD sucking off d00fer and me till we both spunked in her mouth (shown off and swallowed)

Two hours flew by. I really struggled with the heat, but still a great time. Definitely to be repeated when schedules allow.  Thanks to d00fer and sylvester for joining in and being so easy to get along with. We were aware that it was a "first" for sylvester so I'm glad it went as well as it did.

As for Lindsey and MissKDD, both were exceptional as expected, and their obvious consistency at delivering to the levels described is what's currently keeping them at the top of my (and clearly many others) list.

https://www.adultwork.com/2811799 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lindsey%5Fxxx
https://www.adultwork.com/1704556 or https://www.adultwork.com/MissKDD
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64 review(s) found for Lindsey_xxx linked to in above post (64 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)
88 review(s) found for MissKDD linked to in above post (88 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Midpoint

Bloody hell. It sounds amazing, like the Phoenix Club (although I've only been when it was LMP) on steroids.

Mini-orgies like this sound the way to go in terms of opening up the possibilities on offer in terms of play.

Thanks for the reviews (I'm now insanely jealous) ;-)

That sounds absolutely amazing guys! Well done and very generously reviewed for the rest of us! This must be one of the most epic fucks with London WGs....

What size are KDD's implants? I know that Lindsey has a small natural bust. Unfortunately (.!?) I have a fetish for large fake boobs. However,  it is enough if only one girl in the room has them. That is how I dealt with going to the Phoenix Club (Gina Snake) or the Fuck Club (Chessie Kay).

How much did u pay for the sesh?


Offline Mij

What size are KDD's implants?

Well I was going to say the clue's in her name (DD), but it seems on her profile they have got bigger to an E....saying that, they are VERY realistic and pretty sure you won't guess they are fake by looks and touch alone. If you're after huge fake boobs, maybe she's not the one for you....... (see the veiled attempt here to put you off so more availabilty for me? :) )

Offline Hantsolo

Bloody hell! I need to start punting in London!!!

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