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Author Topic: Role play  (Read 819 times)

Online Bengeo13

For a while now I've wanted to try a role play with a girl. I would like her to come to my office at work dressed and acting out the role of a secretary or personal assistant to me.
She will be required to take notes from me and bend over the desk as directed, after locking the door of course!
Pretty straightforward I'm thinking but should I request my desire as a reverse booking on aw or ask for one of the agency girls as an out call?
Any ideas folks?

At your actual place of work ?  Hmmm... How about Logan Montoya. She likes a good role play.

 Oh no, maybe not.

Sounds like a mint idea but I would only do it with someone you have seen before and can trust. Imagine it is a nutter like Logan Montoya and starts trying to black mail you! Risky business mate  :scare:

Online Bengeo13

Thanks for the suggestions chaps.
Sarah looks a possibility but I've agreed to try it with a regular from Diamonds, or rather she's agreed!
Looking forward to writing a different sort of review
It's a a very discreet workplace by the way, I'm not going to be shagging her in a call centre!

Offline Highlander

This sounds great! Unfortunately not in a position to do this personally but looking forward to reading your account of this Bengeo

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