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Author Topic: Busty Vixen - Heckmondwicke  (Read 3414 times)

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Offline rocky101

https://www.adultwork.com/245830 or https://www.adultwork.com/BUSTY+VIXEN

Had a lousy punt today with this lady. The venue is located on a nice, new build estate and is relatively easy to find @ 5mins drive from the McDonalds in Heckmondwicke. Emails & phone to fix appointment a couple of days in advance, asked me to reach McDonalds and call.

She is a big lady....plump I'd say...big boobs, big arse and also a big tummy.

She is pleasant to talk to but was disinterested in the real deal. Started off with a lackluster massage....almost as if she was forced to do it and then moved on to giving me an OWO (OWO, CIM and Anal are extra) which was OKish....no real passion / interest. She is a girl who will wait for you to state what you want. However as the passion was missing, I thought I best jack myself off. So proceeded with this, her massaging my balls. To help rub myself I used some baby oil and after sometime I asked if we could fuck again. She declined saying she does not like baby oil on condom....I was like WHAT THE FUCK! Anyways, forced myself to cum, had a quick shower and bolted. In all a very poor experience. Suffice to say I wont be returning.

She has really good feedback on AW, so not sure what went wrong.

2 review(s) found for Busty Vixen linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline cueball

Aw feedback means nowt rocky, it's only any good at proving if they're real or not

 You do know that if any form of oil is rubbed on the condom, or in this case it's already applied to you, it will cause it to split  :( , so can't blame her for refusing to let you go in her after that.
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Offline rocky101

You do know that if any form of oil is rubbed on the condom, or in this case it's already applied to you, it will cause it to split  :( , so can't blame her for refusing to let you go in her after that.

Yes I do realize that. But there are wet tissues / water to help and mitigate this you know......where there's a will

Offline xxxx

I've had good sessions with Vixen - must have just been bad day.
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Offline CurvyKinkyVixen

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Just to clarify , different lady. Folks been getting us mixed up for years .... Different town. Different lady.

I remember booking an hour with her ages ago. We made the arrangement by phone she was based near Dewsbury I was travelling up from Nottingham to Leeds got stuck on M1 due to an accident sent a text to say what had happened. Got about half a dozen texts in space of an hour reminding me I had an appointment and had wasted her time! I would have rebooked but the attitude put me off. that said she does have positive feedback maybe she'd had a bad day when I missed the appointment but shit happens I had the decency to let her know but still got grief.

Offline get123

I would like to see you..However I can't find your number

Offline James999

Profile says age 32, she looks in her 50's  :scare:

I went to see Busty Vixen years ago , she was unresponsive , a couldn't give a fuck attitude , I remember she was cheap but crap service, wouldn't go back. Snake

wish i'd read these before my lat minute punt last week (she was quite disinterested) - oh well! live and learn........ :dash: :diablo:

Met her few years ago.  It was the same, very lacklustre, no interest or passion whatsoever.

Offline mm86

her profile been active since 2006! she's obviously jaded as fuck by now and just scraping the last few quid out of this..

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