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Author Topic: Letting the cheddar mature (delights of day-after 'pong')  (Read 1634 times)

Offline richie

I've been seeing someone for a little while now and every time we've met I haven't bothered to shower afterwards until the next day, guess I just wanted to keep a reminder of her and what we had been up to. I should be more careful because of the OH but I just didn't want to... Think I fell a little in love  :dash: my only saving grace is I wasn't paying for it, at least not after the first punt, turned into a mutual affair after that  :yahoo: :thumbsup:

Offline carefree

:rolleyes: The whole point was not suggesting a habit duh, but deliberately not washing for 12 hours.

(Sorry, carefree, we are not going to make a scientist of you on this issue if you can't bear the smell of yourself for twelve hours  :D)

Ah i see, silly me.....deliberately not washing your cock for 12 hours after sex is perfectly normal, duh me eh? :dash:

Crack on with your scientific 'study'  :rolleyes:
Banning reason: Troll

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