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Author Topic: If you where in this situation (kill me)  (Read 931 times)

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So I slept with this WG back last September after I split up from my long term girlfriend, was a quick and stupid decision was just feeling lonely and was working away and had no female company. Found a girl on adult work, she was aged 23 (im 29) paid her for sex and slept with her (protected, no accidents that I am aware of) I got back with my ex 3 weeks after and didn't tell her about this event. Never contacted the girl again and deleted aw account.

So yesterday I was getting several missed calls from with held numbers, I was driving and my girlfriend answered them but when she spoke the line went dead, thought nothing of it. Lastnight I had to travel to London (work) and girlfriend wasn't coming with me. Im in the hotel and get a call from a number I don't have saved, answer it and its a woman's voice. She tells me that she slept with me back in September (named hotel, what happened etc) I panicked and hung up on her. Then get a text from the same number.

This text shit me up, it basically said that she has given birth to a baby girl (premature) and that she doesn't know who the dad is because she slept with a few clients at the time. She said that the most likely person is me as the conception date the doctors gave her is right when I slept with her, she said that she can't trace the other clients as they gave her numbers that are now out of service. I didn't reply, got a phone call awnsered asked what she wanted from me (suspected she was scamming me to get money) she said all she wants it a DNA test (and she offered to pay) she said the baby girl is really sick and she needs to know the fathers family history to give her the best chance of getting better.

I don't know what to do, this is literally going to ruin my life career and relationship that I have worked so hard for. I also don't know if this could still be a scam? she sent me a picture of a baby with the text message but i know she could have easily got that from google..
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Your troll attempt has failed for two reasons:

- I am on a banning binge of new members who make the slightest troll-like or tout-like post. Over 30 bannings in past few days.
- You're pretending to be a man but your email address is of a female name.

You must have a dusty phone to spend your time trolling my site, go find some punters instead.

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