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Author Topic: Anybody have feedback on this agency / girls ??  (Read 706 times)

Offline markthehardone

There area few ladies from this agency I'd like to see, but all the girls looked to 'Polished' (That's the photo's look to slick, not the fact they are from Poland !!)




If anyone can vouch for the agency, I think I may have found what I may be doing in the next few weeks, or more 'Who' I will be doing  :yahoo:

Offline markthehardone

Looking through the site, I can't find one (from the photo) that'd I'd not want to visit, which is what worries me slightly. Does anyone think these are some more computer generated ladies ??

Offline softlad

Does anyone think these are some more computer generated ladies ??

Their boobs must have all been enlarged.

(@markthehardone, you should put these enquirey type threads in the 'Service providers/requests for info' section, making work for the mod's)  ;)
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Offline Jacob

This topic moved from main forum. Can members please post in the most suitable forum, if it is about a provider then put it in Service Providers. Surely that's not so hard to understand?

I'd say the girls are definitely real, with just a cursory glance you can find most on other escort websites, including:

Emily - on multiple other sites with several FRs
Jessie - eg here
Erica - uses the name Monica more often
Nelly - also uses "Noelle"
Isabel - regular on a lot of sites under that name, etc

Some of the reviews on the girls date back to 2008, so assuming that the website is relatively new (dated 2011 at the bottom), I'd guess it's an established agency setting up another site to get more exposure (Eternity Girls?).
All the details (stats/rates etc) seem about on the mark...

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