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Author Topic: MsVannessaSweets (Enfield)  (Read 916 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2785690 or https://www.adultwork.com/MsVannessaSweets

Saw MsVannessaSweets last week for a half-hour incall.

Price: £70

Comms: Good via both phone and text

Location: Chain Hotel in Enfield, close to M25, not really accessible by public transport. She gave me the room number when I got there. I walked straight to lift, the reception is to one side so discreet enough. The room was a bit messy, clothes lying around, bin overflowing.

Appearance: No reason to doubt the pictures on her profile, age not far off the 21 she gives.
She's a big girl. The 5' 10" on her profile is about right although I'd say she's bigger than a size 12. She's got big boobs, big ass and thick thighs; she's curvy without a big belly and facially attractive.

Performance: Brush of lips for kissing, OK OWO, RO with fingering, sex doggy style. Overall I'd say it was OK only, she did enough and nothing more.

Pros: Good comms, decent location. If you're into BBBW then appearance wise she's 9/10.

Cons: Barely OK performance. More importantly she doesn't do some of the things listed: she told me she doesn't do anal, she didn't allow rimming on her so I'd advise getting services agreed beforehand.

Overall: She told me she's not been in the business long and I think that's true. She'll probably do enough to get by but won't be a star.

Would I return? No, if she had a performance to match her appearance I'd have been back by now.

Would I recommend? No

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Offline Zeusthedoc

I think she is reflective of about 80% of the WGs in Enfield at the moment.

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