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Author Topic: Pandora Box. Southampton  (Read 1892 times)

Offline nigel4498

Pandora has relocated to Southampton from Basingstoke.
Looks very tasty and has excellent feedback
Anyone seen her?
no review on here.

I haven't seen Pandora in Basingstoke, but I've seen her loads of times over something like a 2-year period in Southampton (before I discovered UKP), under a different profile.

The photos are definitely the girl you would meet. She's fun and funny, a right little minx. Great for bum/leg men, not so much for the big boob lovers. Very friendly, would perhaps be a good choice for a nervous or newish punter (like I was when I first met her).

As far as I remember, communication was always good, and I don't recall any sign of clock-watching or rushing. Unless anything's changed recently, there should be no surprises in store with extras not mentioned on profile.

Facially I find her very attractive, a bit like a smiley Claire Danes (Homeland).

In the interest of full disclosure, the sole negative (it never really bothered me), is a poorly executed tattoo removal. As previously mentioned, some guys might regard her boobs as a neutral. She goes through patches of serious regular workouts, and can be as fit and toned as you like. But she also likes to party - I haven't seen her for a few months, so I don't know exactly where she's at right now.

Offline nigel4498

Thanks for that p-m  :hi:
You wouldn't happen to know what her previous profile name was I suppose?

She had several during the time I was seeing her.

Here's one - which of course no longer exists, but hopefully will pull up some reviews on here:


3 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Online Hantsolo

Never managed to see her in Southampton either and was contemplating a trip to "Amazingstoke" but am pleased to see she's back in Southampton.

Back at the top of the "To Do List"!

Offline Chewits

That's sugar & spice and as stunning as she her services are not as good as they once were. She used to do A levels, CIM and OWO.

Offline bighands

Yes, she's a very friendly, chatty girl with an awesome bum and fit body, fairly attractive facially too. She would get very wet too, which I like.

She used to go under the name of Summer as well as Sugar & Spice, and had a positive feedback record on AW running past 200 (if memory serves). She had a great attitude to ensuring a positive meeting - something I value more and more these days.

However, although charging the same as before, she has dropped a lot of key services from her list, and this has been a clincher for me, as I've removed her from my hot lists as a result. She used to be quite adventurous (e.g. venturing out onto a partially secluded balcony for some outdoor fun) but I wonder if she's gone very vanilla now and less interesting.

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