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Author Topic: Preventing a SCAM!!! - A possible solution...  (Read 765 times)

I myself have been scammed once. So , it was the normal boyfriend coming in and I had to leave.
No looking at the reviews , I know for a fact that I'm not alone in This and that a lot of punters have been scammed/mugged.
However, by going over the reviews again, there is something commmon in all of them , and that is that all of the punts are for an incall.
Now I know that it is quite difficult for an outcall appointment to be arranged as a lot of the punts are last minute and an outcall requires a day in advance if not at your own home/apartment.
So, is it less likely to be scammed on an outcall booking , as it will be your own home/apartment , so none of them pimps can just come crashing inside the door, and that the money will be probably kept in their bags/purse . Which makes the punter the dominant one rather the w/g.
So to answer my question , is it less likely to me scammed on an outcall then an Incall , as it has not occurred to me.
Also,please share if you have been scammed in an outcall.

Offline nigel4498

Makes no difference.
There are punters who have been scammed at an outcall at hotels or home.
The normal scam is to say she is going to go back to the car to give the money to her 'security'
She will offer to leave her bag as proof that she will return but does a runner with the cash and the bag is a cheap thing full of rubbish.
Scammers, They know all the angles and are forever dreaming up new scams so you have to have your wits about you at all times, home or away.
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Online Happyjose

It's called a punt for a reason and will likely always remain so. Taking sensible precautions to mitigate the risks is all anyone can reasonably do.

It's not always the case, but I would say that for a significant number of the scams posted on here there were clear warning signs that should have alerted the punter well before he turned up at the door

Online PLeisure

Many punters have a concern that divulging your home address is also opening yourself up to a security breach. It's an understandable consideration.
For myself, I tend to choose a hotel - but you're no less safer there. And, it adds to the cost. But, as the OP suggests, the client is slightly more in control.

Go punting in a police uniform!  :sarcastic:

Offline cueball

I always go for incalls but the best way to avoid a scam is to read the reviews on here and put a link up to any prospective New face that you're thinking of having a go with, you'd be surprised at the amount of info that's on here from other lads.

My rules are carry only punting phone, punt cash, car key, park out of venue eye shot, get there early and watch the comings and goings from venue, move motor to final park up just before punt start and don't be afraid to fuck it off if you feel it's risky.

Oh, and I swerve romies.

Using our own place opens you up to far more serious consequences if they are a potential scammer; that would just be too risky.   :scare:

Offline nigel4498

Go punting in a police uniform!  :sarcastic:
And ask the pro$$ie to take good care of your helmet.  :D

Offline Ben4454

I haven't been scammed in my last 150 punts. So maybe I have something to bring to the table. First check out my 'scams thread' which has basic templates for over 30 common scams out there. Just remember a varient of these can happen.

- Always be aware of being scammed even with regulars. Always keeps your wits about you.

- I personally do not do incalls with unknowns. Risk outweighs the benefits. I would rather pay the extra £40 for hotels
then to be scammed out of all of it.

- The major scams you will face on a outcall is the driver scam or possibly the money switch. If the prossie is attempting to leave for ANY reason during or before the punt you're being scammed.

- Always keep your personal possessions with you at all times. Whether you're going into the toilet or shower. Never leave them unattended. Not even with regulars.

- If you're doing a incall with a reviewed  girl on here, always still have your wits about you.

- When approaching the in call do not phone the prossie while you're outside her house. If she asks for your location lie. You should be a expert of the location anyway since you did a lot of research on google maps. If she asks what you're wearing or what you look like lie. Could be a possible mugging.

- Check the surrounding area for odd looking figures standing around or sitting in cars. If you're punting with a Romanian and you see a bunch of Romanian men hanging outclose - well common sense really.

- Never park your car too close to the location. Your car should be within sprinting distance. As in you can reach it before you run out of breath if something bad happens.

-  Never punt in Romanian brothels. In fact do not punt with ANY romanians unless she is vouched for by respected members on the board.

- If you do an incall have a look at the room itself. Does it look like she is staying there tonight? A bare clean room is a giveaway for when she does a runner when getting the cash. Obviously its common sense but look for smashed in doors or broken windows.

- When discussing services do not focus on her words but focus on her body language. Is she looking away or at the floor from you when discussing services? Does she touch her  face ? These can be indicators that she is lying about service.

- Optional: Consider a punting buddy. Go punting together. One is outside discreetly in a car watching the location and possible figures coming in.

- If you hand over the money and the working girl goes to 'stash' the cash..if she brings the money back COUNT your money and make sure you haven't been money-switched with fake notes.

- Never take ID, Business Cards. Credit/Debit cards with you to the punt. Your wallet should be bare with only the cash you need. If you are really security consious then consider a money belt and create a muggers wallet filled with fake cards, fake picture of your family etc etc.

- Never fight pimps or boyfriends. Always use verbal resolution. If you HAVE to fight and have no choice and are faced with no other option ; do not use your fists but launch multiple objects at your attacker until you have an escape point and quickly make your exit.

-  Take a quick look online for all of the most common spy cameras. You're most likely to encounter a spy clock in your punt. If you see a spy clock then make your exit without drawing attention to the fact you have seen it. Write a review here. Could be used in a blackmailing attempt.

- Always be aware of anything that can be used as a weapon. A kitchen knife by the bed is a good excuse to leave. Know that possible weapons can be hidden in everyday objects. Such as a knife which pulls out of a comb.
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If she's a scammer all she will do on an outcall is turn up and give you a complete shit service with nothing you expected on her likes list... Stick with doing your homework and this site is a great place to start.... :hi:

Wow , I actually have not been aware to really check my surroundings to this extent. Going over the safety precautions really make this punting seem more like a grand theft auto mission   :D.
Never the less , I will try to take all these things into precaution on my next punt and hopefully result in a success like yours  :thumbsup:

Offline raylondoner

Go punting in a police uniform!  :sarcastic:

Now then, now then!

Would you ask for anything to be taken down in evidence?  :hi:

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