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Author Topic: Sarah Jane of Allure Escort Agency (MILF)  (Read 8607 times)

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Offline Sqn Ldr Brown Wings

Pictures on site now if that helps you

thanks..seen the pictures and looking good, you have seen her so are they a good representation or is she better in the flesh!
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Offline namaste

She seems great. Does she allow facials?

Offline highfive

Yes, saw her yesterday and she let me cum on her face!

Offline dino1990

does she enjoy giving a good rimming?

Offline namaste

Yes, saw her yesterday and she let me cum on her face!

Great! Anyone you would compare to facially?

Offline highfive

She reminded me of the British porn star Angie George TBH...................Seemed to enjoy everything!

Offline Benja73

Think I may have a new favourite! Gorgeous and highly skilled!

Worth the extra travel time without a doubt!

Offline NEGaz

Going to try and get booked in to see her. Report to follow

Offline greychap


What a find!!!! Should keep this one to myself as I feel I'm never gonna get a booking after telling you lot what I stumbled across :rolleyes:

Text Allure to enquire about availability. By rule, I don't book without pics, but I was prompted by return texts that Sarah Jane would be right up my street. I assumed agency had been reading my reviews and knew what I liked so I took a gamble.

I was even cheeky enough to request Sarah Jane (sj) to wear a short skirt, no knickers and revealing top with heels on too. All accepted. Was even cheekier and thought I wanna bang her as soon as I get in, response was a cheeky wince ;)

Booked for 30 min incall for £50.

Don't normally go out my way for a booking, so headed to DH9 zone. On street parking on main road, didn't really get noticed. Even with a nice car outside, I didn't look out of place. Knocked on door and fuck me, the prettiest MILF I have come across to date answered the door! Couldn't believe my eyes. No pics on site but a photoshoot is booked, but guys, she is VERY pretty with a superb figure.

SJ was as described, 5'5" looking taller in them sexy peep toe heels, tanned figure, tits bursting out her top and sexy smile and lovely dark hair. It was like I was about to fuck the sexy teacher from school I always wanked about!
Straight into DFK, and she was given it big style, tongue down my throat rather than the other way round. All the while we were in a frenzy stripping each other and groping each other and with her whispering dirty things in my ears.
She then bent over doggy style on the sofa, telling me she heard how I love to fuck a lass up the ass... She then spread her cheeks! Condom on the table grabbed and some spit on her ass and I was hammering her anal doggy style for a few mins, including her turning round to DFK while my cock was deep in her ass, blew my load in there. She was about to eat me all over again. I then politely asked let's move upstairs.

I couldn't help but tell her she was the most beautiful, classiest milf I have come across! Lovely oily massage given, just like AlixE use to do it and I'm sure Parisno knows EXACTLY what I mean!

Plenty of feeling my balls and feeling my oily cock from underneath, turned over for owo and more DFK and up her pussy once covered again and shot up there. Went to bathroom for a wash, property is very well represented, not your usual shit hole, I'm assuming she lives there.

My legs were still shaking as I walked down the stairs. Still couldn't believe what a gem of a a find she was and well worth the trip, very posh, very well spoken and a proper dirty uninhibited whore in the bed!

I don't normally ring the agencies to tell them how good a lass was, just normally drop a text. Well I rang to convey my thanks and to my suprise, recognised the voice of June, amours previous evening Receptionist! June knew exactly what I liked as she has taken many of my bookings when I was an amour client, hence she knew that SJ would not let me down, and she was right. My previous booking was done by Ally, her sister who runs agency with her.

I think this agency is gonna be a BIG hit in the north east, especially run by an experienced lass, not some cowboy outfit like C&S escorts. Got to admit they got some fine lasses to start with and I have had 2/2 great punts and I'm sure many more to come.

DFK owo, fingers in all holes, ro, anal, list goes on hence I love milfs. I even had to remind her I had yet to pay, and paid on way out. For a new lass, she certainly knows what to do and previously was a model too.

Bet Amour are livid with this new agency especially as its there former receptionist that set it up.

Lets hope this new team run the business professional and don't threaten punters like her previous employer.

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Offline Houdini

Has anyone seen this lass at the Northumberland location? If so is it ok?

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