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Author Topic: looking forward to see yorkshire~lass, can anyone give me some help?  (Read 1147 times)

I recently contacted Yorkshire~lass over her profile from adultwork for an 2 hours outcall.

She don't have a phone number on her profile and after we exchanged some email she give me a phone number can be used only to talk on whatsapp. 3 weeks pass now and i still didn't meet her (busy with moving or something like that)
We having shorts chats on that app and im ready to see her but im not sure about her if she is a scammer or not. She is sending photos of her body and she looks great but not showing her face for privacy reasons.

Can anyone tell me if they meet her and how is she like on her bookings? Tattos? Piercings? Any details will help me see if i wanna meet her or not.

This is her profile:

Offline NEGaz

Feedback looks good and from people who have seen plenty of other girls

Offline Ali Katt

She lists she has tattoos on her profile, although it's unclear or what of or where. On her profile it sounds like you need to book through AW.

Offline Farmboy

I have had a look at her private gallery, the only tattoo I can see is a small one on her stomach.

I think I took a couple of screen shots, will try and find them

Whats the tattoo like? Is an small red lips tattoo?

Offline Ali Katt

Whats the tattoo like? Is an small red lips tattoo?
This girl has that tattoo are you thinking of her: https://www.adultwork.com/2798180

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Online addie_87

She's been on my HL for a while.  Have attempted to send her emails on two ocassion - but no response.
i think i'll just give up and move on.

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