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Author Topic: CamillaSweetheart - Earl's Court  (Read 888 times)

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Offline john_n

CamillaSweatheart - https://www.adultwork.com/2867270

I'll put the reason for me rating this as a neutral at the start of my review. First reason is that when we got into her bedroom she said OWO is £20 extra and that is not mentioned in her profile. Second reason is something that maybe not everyone cares about, but I do. While being in her room and getting ready I could hear another auto-censoreding to another girl and also heared him fucking the girl during my session. I'm up for parties and wouldn't care about hearing other guys fucking girls, but not when I'm doing a 121 booking.

Comms : First contacted her via email well in advance of the booking and she replied promptly and told me to call her closer to the booking. Sent her a text the day before and asked if she was still available and got reply saying yes and to text her again the next day. On the day text was sent and booking was agreed. Very good comms so I have no complaints there.

Amount paid : £120 for 1 hr

Venue :  Basement apartment in the Earl's Court area. Nice area and apartment looked nice, but obvious that it was shared between several girls. A bit of mess (clothes) in living room area, but nothing to complain about.

Looks/Personality: Short, pretty girl, listed as size 4 in profile and looks like in her photos. Her mother tongue is Spanish, but speaks English good enough to have a limited conversation. Only a 1hr booking, so didn't get into much talking.

Short version: Kissing, OW, Fucking in mish and doggie, CIM

Service: Was greeted by Camilla and she took me to her room. In the living room I could see her duo partner DianaTeen. Smiled at her and said hi as I had tought about booking her, but no smile or reply :( When in Camilla's room I got the first disappointment of the day. She asked me if I wanted OWO as that was £20 extra and being new to this the only reply I managed to give was no. As mentioned earlier nothing in her profile says there are any extras. OWO is a must for me and guess I should have walked. She looked nice and was thinking with the wrong head, so decided to go through with it. Got the paperwork out of the way and while she took the money somewhere I got undressed.

When she got back it was time for a limited chat and now I could hear another guy arriving and talking to the other girl. I didn't care about it at that time and soon they obviously went to another room. Started to kiss Camilla and did so for a little while before she got out a condom and started to perform OW. Immediately I was reminded why OWO is a must as this doesn't feel anything like OWO. No big complaints about her technique and soon I was ready to start fucking her. Then I could hear the other guy fucking the other girl and for some reason I totally lost the mood. It didn't help that some music I really didn't like was being played, but couldn't ask to turn it off as I then would hear the other guy even better. Just thought that I have to get through this and after some OW again, I got hard again and was ready to fuck Camilla. Went for doggie and it felt good as she is a petite girl and was tight. Kept fucking her for a while before we changed to mish. Grabbed her by the legs, kept pounding her and this also felt good. Time to pop and decided cum in her mouth. Went out to get me some water and was away for quite some time. I got out my mobile and texted someone that I was having a not so good punt. Now I was clock watching and saw that there was 10 mins or so left. Before the session I had opted for an extra hour if I had a great time. We had a little chat and she started kissing me and trying to get me hard again. She did actually succeed and got me hard again, but as time was a little past 1 hr I said I propably couldn't pop again. Didin't want to pay for another hour, so I just ended the session.

As you can see from the review Camilla didn't do anything wrong, but no mention of OWO as extra and hearing another punter fucking makes it a neutral for me. For £140 (OWO included) there are a lot of great girls to see in London. So that makes it two TOFTT's for me, 1 negative and 1 neutral. Guess I had it coming after being new to this and so far seen only the highly recommended girls.

Would I visit again : No

Would I recommend : No

2 review(s) found for CamillaSweetheart linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Well done on TOFTT John. Sorry it didn't work out as well as you had hoped. She was on my hl, but not now. Thanks for reporting back.

Went to see her flat mate Diana last week. I left as soon as she told me 20quid for OWO.

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