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I met Stacey a couple of months ago for a couple of hours outcall to my place for a fairly standard GFE.  Email comms beforehand were really good, and the meeting was very easy to arrange.  Stacey had a fair drive to get to me (she said about an hour) but was happy to travel as the booking was a couple of hours.  On the morning of the meeting we confirmed by email again.

I was quite surprised when Stacey arrived half an hour early, and the first I knew was that she was ringing my doorbell - no text from the car or anything like that, so I had only just finished getting ready. This was not a big deal for me but if my personal circumstances were different, it could have been, so I think it is worth mentioning.  I can't imagine there would have been a problem if I had been very specific beforehand about what time I expected to start.   

Physically, Stacey was not what I was expecting - her pics on the website are fairly poor, but as far as I can see, they show her with blonde hair, and she appears to be what I would describe as genuinely curvy.  However ,when I met her, she had dark brown hair (which, in fairness, is as described in her interview and 'vital statistics' box on her profile - but I was expecting a blonde as per the pictures), and in my view was bigger than she appears to be in the pictures.  Once undressed, she had a bigger belly than I had expected, which had the effect of making her breasts appear small - which they are not.  So I was a bit underwhelmed.

That is all the negative stuff out of the way - Stacey is pretty in a 'girl next door' kind of way, really easy to talk to, and comes across as being simply a nice, down to earth girl who likes sex and wants both you and her to have a good time.  We had a fairly vanilla GFE - oral without both ways, sex in a few positions, a couple of decent pops, and she was enthusiastic throughout.  We didn't try everything on her profile, but I have no reason to think there is anything on her 'likes' list which she wouldn't be happy with.  Services wise it was exactly what I had been expecting, and delivered well.

We kept to the length of time I had booked - Stacey did not clock watch, and once time was up, she got dressed promptly and then left (just to be clear, I don't mean she rushed off - we had the full length of time before she started getting dressed).  Because she arrived early that meant we started and finished half an hour early.

Overall I am giving this a neutral because I don't think that Stacey's profile pictures are true to how she looks now, and for me that was a big disappointment as in reality she is quite a lot bigger than the girls I normally book.  Services were good - no boundaries pushed but that was not what I had asked for.  Personally I would not book again but if you prefer larger ladies then she is worth a look.

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