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Author Topic: Chinese Medicine Centres, like London?  (Read 1359 times)

I think I know the answer, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

Whilst working in London, I started venturing to get what I would describe as 'Proper' firm oriental massages, but asian masseuses(sp?) who clearly had training.

Most of the times, the shop / centre looked and was legit. With landlines and offering various massages, acupuncture, etc

But for the usual £30 - £50 extra you could get HE / HR .

I found the naming convention quite random as it was always a 'Chinese Medicine Centre' or something similar. I've seen a few such medicine centres across Glasgow/Edinburgh but when calling or checking website I am not getting much back.

I know they don't like talking about it over the phone and I remember the one's in London basically said 'speak to the provider', etc

Are there any such placed around? I don't really care that much for attractiveness. I just want a good proper massage and good technique HR.

Most of the ladies I saw in London were 40's / 50's fully clothed but provided excellent services

Any thoughts?

Offline solway

Didn't think HR was much of a Mastermind subject especially with a bag over their head :wackogirl:

Looking for a proper massage with guaranteed HR. Don't want to go to an incall

Offline Marmalade

I know what you mean and have visited such places in London. I've never come across one in Scotland, though I'm less sure why there shouldn't.  Edinburgh has traditionally been very tolerant with plenty of saunas openly offering sex and indies of all nationalities operating from flats. Glasgow has traditionally been very abolitionist with prossies dodging police in every guise. No massive Chinese community in either city though.

Much is changing for the worse with a dodgy national police force officer exporting Glaswegian intolerance to the rest of Scotland. This basically drives it more underground which means an increase in criminality (professional criminals study ways to outwit the law and crowd out independent, free, law-abiding prostitutes until criminals control the market and punters and independents unable to inform on them for fear of self-incrimination).

Glasgow's prostitution was always heavily linked to criminality with murders, mugging and theft all commonplace (together with shit service). Edinburgh's prostitution was almost free from serious crime except for technicalities where people who ran some of the agencies amasses unconscionable amounts of moolah.

The Chinese are skilled at working in a black marmarket econony and consider flouting rules and laws 'normal' (part of the Chinese society way of life in China), so if we get enough of them up here maybe they will bring such institutions, together with their mafiosos to protect themselves against the Romanian racketeers that an open EU and repressive policing policies are inadvertantly encouraging.
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Cheers for the reply Marmalade. At least you understand where I'm coming from.

I guess these places appeal as they aren't seedy looking at all and the massage is good and firm.

Thanks for the education on the scene. Wasn't aware of such differences between Edinburgh and Glasgow. I am on the East Coast


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