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Author Topic: Memories of my first time  (Read 1532 times)

Offline ClitTeaser

i don't know if a thread like this has been done before but I was just thinking about my first time with a prostitute about 20 years ago.

 After walking past the doors of various saunas in Edinburgh I finally plucked up the courage to run down the steps and be buzzed in to the red ambience of my first massage parlour. My hands shook as I gave the bloke at the desk enough for an hour. When asked I said that I had never been before. After a shower I sat in the lounge - surrounded by babes.

After a while I plucked up courage to signal my interest to one I fancied.  A twenty-something scary spice lookalike.  After she finished her cigarette we went downstairs and into a room. There I found out about the services on offer; I chose the full service.

 I kissed her and touched her breasts.  She gave me a massage and then asked me if I wanted her to remove her clothes.  She stripped for me and said "of course" when I asked her to sit on my face.  Due to nerves I couldn't get stiff.

 She sucked my limp penis and then rode me cowgirl.  I did eventually come despite not getting an erection.  She told me not to worry and it was due to the strange surroundings. I kissed her, thanked her and went upstairs to get dressed.  I was given a five pound refund for finishing early.  Then I ran up the stairs and back out into the darkness - avoiding eye contact with everyone.

Needless to say that first time was an experience I will never forget but it was terrible.  Thankfully things have improved since and I've had some great times with some hot girls.

Offline solway

Ha ha I was so naive my first time I still had my pants on when I went in the room - the old pro (she wasn't really that old) brought her pal in for a look.Got to laugh at yourself sometime  :kiss:

Offline Smegma

Mine was a street hooker in Glasgow.

It was up a lane in the cold and wet.

She bent over and had a hole cut in her tights for quick access.

It was over in seconds.

I miss the street scene

Offline Largs43

My first time was in London Street Sauna.

She lay beside me on the bed, removed her top, smiling & revealing beautiful full, pert, soft boobs...

I asked, "Can I touch?"!!!

My first time, item in new paper about massage parlour doing extra's

This was in 1982, and the item was in the Sunday mail, and the massage parlour was on Clarkston road, the girl asked me, what made me come here, told her thing in the paper about extras, with that she got naked   :D :D

Offline auldie63

'Bubbles', some marvelous memories of there.

Offline Rangerslad

My first time was in Venus sauna. Can't remember the girls name it was about 12 years ago. Didn't really know what to expect. She lay beside me naked, started kissing n wanking me and I just exploded everywhere. She burst out laughing and I told her it was my first time punting. Second time was with a junkie looking bird in dennistoun with fake tits. First time I had felt fake tits. The certainly distracted me from the junkie look

Offline ClitTeaser

She bent over and had a hole cut in her tights for quick access.

 The practicalities of prostitution.
 Wonder if she felt a draft.

Offline Eastbloke

Executive Sauna, 1991.

I was very inexperienced and nervous.  Managed to get hard really quick but didn't realise you had to be blatant about what you wanted.  Must have looked a right prat muttering and gesturing that I wanted sex and oral.

The girl (Laura for those that remember her) was extremely paranoid about HIV and insisted on not one but two condoms before sex.  I never felt anything and had to bring myself off.  Went back a couple of times before moving onto the Highland Club where I met Mary/Maria who was just what I needed.  Saw her regularly (about twice a month) for a over a year, went back one day and the building had been demolished.  Started at LSS after that.

Offline FrankieOh

Mine was an outcall at my place in the late 90's. I was 22 and the girl (Angie) was a young mum in her mid 20's. Very pretty. I got her through an advert in the sport. Beyond nervous, but she was really cool and it went well. I saw her for another couple of years then lost her number and that was the last I saw her. Pre mobile phone days for me.

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