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Author Topic: WG fingering your ass?  (Read 4773 times)

Would be much more of a turn on if she sucked her finger after its been up where the sun don't shine

When W/G say Anal Play on their like list. Does that mean they are willing to finger your ass?

Anal Play on their like list = up their Ass.

You want to be looking for Prostate Massage if you want a finger up your ass.

Love it if the WG is into bum play..

Happened at Xmas, was happily slurping/rimming away in 69 and decided to slip a finger in her butt and she reciprocated, not quite a massage but it was enough to push me over the edge.. great end to a punt..

Offline smiths

I think a strap on is too big to go up there.
But I once visited a mistress who tied me up, sat on my face and fingered my prostate and I came (without touching my cock). I think it was the best experience of my life

Any other fans?

Yes me, I like Anal Play both ways if on offer and enjoy a strap-on up my arse as long its easy does it and done by a woman as I am not homosexual or gay so don't have a stretched ring piece.

Offline dkn

Love a bit of anal play on me!

Finger - no problem.
Tongue - yum.
4 fingers - exquisite when well lubed.
Dildo - from small to quite large - enjoyed, though a few have been at my limits.
Strap-on - oh yes! Not done it that much as few girls that I see have been equipped.
Fisting - always fancied the challenge, and enjoy some play towards it, especially if the girl is acting domme. Never quite made it yet, but have come bloody close a couple of times. Sure it'll happen one day...

Like those links - Miss Dior could be just the ticket for me, especially at those prices....

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