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I saw her over a month ago but decided to write a review on here because I can't get my head around how she keeps getting good feedback on AW.

Comms were good throughout, arranged an hour meet. At the time she stated CIM as a 'like' which is one of the reasons I decided to give her a go. Location isn't great (rough area!) and not at all discreet. The house stank of weed, there was the smell of burnt food lingering about with loads of unwashed dishes on the side of the kitchen when you first walk in the house, and the windows were blacked out. I'm not quite sure how i managed to breathe through it or why I kept going at all!

Anyway we sorted the paperwork out and I asked her if I could undress her to which she replied "no, i'm cold." I wasn't taking that as she had big tits and I wanted in. I managed to persuade her to go topless. Then she pulls out a condom and said "Are you ready?" I asked about owo and CIM and she said she didn't do that. I should have just walked but having got this far I wasn't go to go away with nothing. I asked her to wank me off to get me hard which she did and i just about managed to keep it going and decided to finish on her tits and get the hell out of there! 

Everything felt rushed and she was very quiet with a lot of one word answers. She was probably high as a kite as well. Avoid!

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Been very tempted to see her, thanks for the've saved me some cash there!

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She seems to have removed some pictures as well, I'm sure she had face ones at one time.

It's worth noting she misadvertises OWO:
Q. do you offer owo?    A. yes i do and i love it x
Negative    jack-1975 (-1)    06/01/2015 07:17    Seeking Services
     Sent text at time of booking offering reduced services. waste of time and effort.
Disputed:    you wanted owo i said i dont do that and you cancelled booking at last minute on my profile it says protection only

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The new pics from her AW page are now attached to a brand new profile, created today.


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The second profile has disappeared already...less than 24 hours.

Summat odd going on I reckon...

I went for her over the weekend like a complete bellend. Forgot I saw a review on here

My god the area is such a dive. Didn't feel safe leaving the car parked outside didn't feel safe inside but I thought it would be ok leaving the car people were parking there for the football so that left a bit of relief. Got in sorted the money out. Didn't get fully naked but seemed to expect me to. Went expecting her to squirt as we have spoken on aw mail about it. My days no just no. She wrapped a Johnny on me got it as far down as humanly possible and then some. Proceeded to suck it and wank so hard on it, it was like she was trying to pump a bike tyre up. The dog outside would no shut up crying and scratching on the door.

So the first round finished and I'm  feeling super awkward as it is she just sat there back to me I'm like this isn't going anywhere what a load of bull. She kept messaging on her phone, making me really uncomfortable. Then decides to start getting dressed, meanwhile I'm there starkers near enough ready for round 2. I'm like naaaah something shady going down here my phone happened to bing so I made an excuse and ran

Forgot to mention the place stank of weed and is just so grubby and disgusting the toilet still had paper in it. Just flush love it's not hard

Just stay we'll away don't make a mistake and waste £60-100

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Thanks for the 2nd review...even after the first one, I for some stupid reason was still thinking about seeing her. Definitely not now though, I'll save up for the girls I have at the top of my hotlist instead!