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Author Topic: A few out-of-town reviews  (Read 3499 times)

As a relative noob I thought I had better contribute something rather than just leeching. No doubt I’l get the usual level of cynicism and abuse but I’m think skinned (a.k.a. don’t give a fuck). These are my experiences, take them or leave them, it’s up to you.

I’ll concentrate on the non-Edinburgh/Glasgow girls I’ve seen as they are not so often reviewed. I’ve been reasonably lucky with my punting so there are few really abysmal experiences to relate, although it has to be said that the non-Edinburgh Glasgow ones are the lowest standard. I should point out that my desires are pretty vanilla; DFK, OWO, RO, and a few traditional positions with CIM to finish (if available; I’ll only mention it if it is) is pretty much OK for me, so if you’re looking for bumming details or BDSM, you may be disappointed. I’ve never had any problems with communications with any of the girls I’ve seen so assume everything was OK unless I say otherwise, Also, I generally go for 30 min appointments as, at my age, that’s about all I can manage :-)

^^^CARRIE^^^  https://www.adultwork.com/1561110

Have seen Carrie a few times now, although not for a few months. Fairly central Perth location. Nice enough flat in a quiet street. Comfortable enough room but nothing special. Carrie is probably a bit older than her stated 30 years and bigger than a size 10. A bit of belly but nothing off-putting. Chatty and friendly although she does tend to moan a lot about other punters. Facially, I find her quite attractive, but in a MILFy sort of way. Her body is in good nick for her age. Nice big firm boobs and a grabbable ass. Her OWO is excellent; the closest I’ve ever had to full DT. She does kiss, but not DFK. Enjoys RO although I don’t think I’ve ever made her come (don’t care; I’m paying, not her). A good enjoyable shag with no fake moans. Not a clock-watcher. Plan to return again.

Lucy.UK  https://www.adultwork.com/1687606

Booking by phone and text was easy and she was ready on time. Pretty basic but OK flat in Dunfermline; no particular effort made to make the place look inviting. Lucy is very much the girl-next-door type - certainly no stunner but nice enough. Her photos are pretty representative of her body. Not much of a girl for conversation; it all felt a bit awkward. Got my kit off but she seemed reluctant to do the same. Spend far too much time trying to give me a hand job, even when I made it clear that wasn’t what I was after, and trying to avoid being kissed. Started OWO which lasted only a few seconds until it was back to the HJ again. Eventually got most of her clothes off her and tried a few positions but she complained about my size in every one. Eventually gave up and let her finish me off with a HJ. I’m sure there are other reviews on here where people had the same issue with her. Decent enough girl but can’t help thinking she’s in the wrong business, Wouldn’t return.

LittleLillyJones  https://www.adultwork.com/1547812

Can’t understand why Lilly never gets reviewed; probably because she is outcall only. I’ve seen her quite a few times over the last couple of years and every time is just as good as the last. She’s exactly as described on her, brief, profile. She does look really young so if you’ve got a schoolie fantasy (not for me) she’s the girl for you. I think she looks great, sweet, innocent face and those tits…oh those tits! Gorgeous. She told me on our first meeting that she is a nymphomaniac and I can quite believe it; she never has her clothes on for long once she’s through the door. Really good DFK and OWO; enjoys RO on her lovely tidy pussy and then its usually into a romp around the living room or bedroom until I can’t take any more and she wanks me off into her mouth. Can’t speak highly enough of her; she makes me feel like a 20 year old, and that’s saying something. No doubt I’ll be inviting her round again soon.

xxxxxChanellexxxxx https://www.adultwork.com/1295822

Tricky one to review. Met at her home in Glenrothes; quiet street, easy to come and go unnoticed. The action took place in what seemed to be her normal bedroom, which was a nice change. I’d recon she is a few years older than her stated age. I seem to remember there was a smell of smoke, but that doesn’t put me off. Her photos are a decent representation of her, while dressed, but everything changes when they clothes come off. It’s all saggy. Tits,bum, belly, everything. I was initially a bit put off, but she won me round with her sheer enthusiasm. She seem to really enjoy everything to the full. OWO, RO, doggy etc were all greeted with seemingly genuine pleasure; she gets very wet and comes frequently. A genuinely enthusiastic girl and good company, and a damn good fuck. Might return, if there was no better option available, but I’d keep my eyes half closed.

Jenny Fox https://www.adultwork.com/866074

Met at her flat in West Lothian; modern and clean. Had made an effort to make the room look nice. Had a drink and a chat in the living room before moving to the bedroom. Jenny is a chatty, good looking, slim and sexy MILF. Age and size info on her profile seems perfectly accurate. She dressed very elegantly, in a sexy way, and had some sexy underwear on, even though I hadn’t asked her to make a special effort. Oral was good and enthusiastic, but not outstanding. Kissing was ok, but not DFK as I’d have liked. She came after only a couple of minutes of RO and came again in a couple of different positions. A very sexy and passionate woman. Intelligent and good fun. Will definitely return, although she insists on e-mail contact first and often takes a long time to reply. I suspect she only works when she feel like it. Worth the effort though.

XX LANA XX  https://www.adultwork.com/1084024

Oh dear; won’t be spending long on this one. If you’ve ever fancied shagging a chubby gruff-voiced pub landlady this is the one for you. Secluded house in Glenrothes; decent enough room although only a single bed. Should have walked but that’s not my style I suppose. I’d recon mid to late 50s, size 14 at least. Clean enough but just not very attractive. Tried her best with OWO but her technique is poor and I just wasn’t into it. Eventually summoned up the enthusiasm for a bit of doggy but got it over with as soon as possible and made my escape. Was getting annoyed by all the “Yes babe, Ooh babe, fuck me babe” fake talk anyway. I would’t say her photos are misleading just, shall we say ‘selective’, although she did look heavier all over that they show. Will not return

LilTheLustyLibrarian https://www.adultwork.com/857776

Lil tours quite a bit but can often be found in Aberdeen. Nice flat; on a busy road but easy to find and she had made an effort to make it look nice. Intelligent and interesting girl to talk to. Age on profile looks accurate. I found the American accent and her openness very sexy. Pretty and petite; the sort of girl you’d be happy chatting to in a pub or over dinner. Nice tight body with lovely perky tits. OWO was good but nothing special. She seemed to enjoy RO, but it was when we go around to the main business that she really livened up. Clearly enjoys getting fucked in a variety of positions and was happily bouncing up and down on my cock for a long time. Very enjoyable all round. Will visit again; shame she doesn’t do CIM though.

Busty pam x https://www.adultwork.com/1284928

Met in a flat in Broughty Ferry. Pam tours a lot but is another one that seems to spend most of her time in Aberdeen. Flat was a bit small and dingy, but just good enough for the purposes of my visit. Pam is chatty, but she does go on a bit about her forthcoming breast reduction (which I see she hasn’t had, so it may just be something for her to talk about). Photos on her profile are accurate, but there’s no way she’s a size 10. Age also a bit optimistic; add 4 or 5 years. This was  fairly vanilla punt from start to finish. Nice enough but nothing outstanding about it. In fact, it was quite a while ago and I’ve almost forgotten the details. Great tits, nice and firm. Spent most of the time banging her doggy, although she complained about my size a bit she took it well. Didn’t offer DFK as it says on her profile, and I’m usually clean and fresh so no excuse really. Don’t think I’d bother to return.

Fantasy Lucy https://www.adultwork.com/1978248 https://www.adultwork.com/Fantasy+Lucy+

Visited Lucy at an upmarket hotel in Dundee (yes, there is one) on the back of a couple of decent comments on here. She is as described on her profile. Not a stunner but a very attractive girl-next-door type just as I like. Age and size seem accurate enough. Nice to chat to and not too much messing about before we got down to business. He profile says DFK but it didn’t seem to be on offer for me at least; maybe just because it was our fist meeting (hopefully). She’s a tall girl, but well proportioned, especially her tits. They are big and slightly droopy, but just due to size, not age, Her oral is outstanding. She couldn’t quite give me a full DT, which she claims to be expert at, but it was wet and sloppy with lots of ball licking. I returned the favour and she seemed to enjoy it. Really nice and tasty fanny; could have stayed down there all night. Sex in a few positions was also good, especially doggy which she seemed ot enjoy most. Only criticism was that she seemed keen for me to finish well within the time; asking me if I wanted to come on her tits. I just kept pounding away until I was satisfied. An excellent punt; will definitely see her again next time she’s in the area.

miss_leroux https://www.adultwork.com/718485 https://www.adultwork.com/miss%5Fleroux

Another difficult one to finish off with. Booked her because she was the only girl on AW that was available locally when I was at a loose end one night, although I had though about booking her a few times before. Lets just say that, facially, she’s not the most attractive. Her face was covered in, what seemed to be, green plooks. I very nearly did a runner, but since there were no other options on the table I decided to stick with it. Not much in the way of kissing on offer, but she did some decent OWO before getting her kit off. Her body is pure MILF heaven. Fit and toned and perfectly formed with beautiful pale skin. RO was great - lovely pussy. She really gets into her stride when the banging starts. She was particularly enjoying watching herself in the mirror in reverse cowgirl. I finished off in missionary and she almost came, although she said that rarely happens and gave me a hard time for not holding off long enough. So, the sex was excellent, although I did feel at times that she though it was for her benefit rather than mine. Pity about her facial appearance as otherwise I’d be rushing back. Don’t let that put you off completely though as it may just have been a bad time. Only other complaint is that everything was a bit matter-of-fact and I didn’t feel any connection; may just be me though.

That’s enough for one post. Might add another with some Edinburgh reviews if I can be bothered. Hope that helps someone.

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Some nice reviews there including some I haven't ever even seen profiles for ....... :thumbsup:

Enjoyed reading those, hope you will post some stuff about Edinburgh.

Excellent stuff

Been monitoring LillyJones for sometime but the outcall only makes it hard to ever see her.

Can this not be moved to seperate review?

Offline JazzMan

Thanks, some very useful info in there.
Banning reason: Slagging off membership

Offline Eastbloke

Am interested in Lilly myself, after a couple of really bad punts it'd be good to have a fun one again!   :cool:

Offline coco1985


Thanks for this nearly :scare: made booking with xx Lana xx another close shave...

All agree with you on Chanelle and yes she smokes....

I will be visiting a few over next weeks and will post findings ...



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So I have gone from a size 16 to a size 10! Had two kids - give me a break guys!! I agree my skin is saggy as I lost weight drastically through illness!!

Ask yourself is your bodies perfect and did you get a good service - chat, banter great bj sex - I actually am one of the girls in Fife who do care about job!!!  :dash: :dash:
Banning reason: Bad attitude

Well, I don't know why you're resurrecting a review from months and months ago (I'm guessing you're drunk and feeling brave) especially since I was relatively nice about your services. I think what I said was realistic; if you're looking for sympathy, you may  have come to the wrong place  :wackogirl:

Bye the way, no, my body isn't perfect; but then again, I'm not selling it  :blush:
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Aye lads, ye cannae beat a wee whore what comes on here an' digs 'erself inta a shithole! What must she be thinkin'? That we cannae see she's a wee cunt an has ta cum n prove she's a cunt? Ah bless. She put up her ain "Do no enter" (ya fuckers) "just in case ya was daft enuf tae make a booking".

Award yesel an extra pie at Greggs hen.  :kissgirl:

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A truer word was never never said...all I can say is watch out Dundee...Fife's scrawniest  export is heading your way... :scare: :scare:

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