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Author Topic: Renata_4_you  (Read 1190 times)

18 review(s) for renata_4_you (12 positive, 0 neutral, 6 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/2012893   or  https://www.adultwork.com/renata%5F4%5Fyou

I had phoned and “Confirmed” my meeting with Renata before this recent furore started, so I was very wary.
I P.M.’ed her here during the furore to confirm our meeting and to, indirectly, let her know that I was a Member here.
Come the morning, I text/confirmed our meeting and made it clear that a ‘last minute cancellation would have a Negative effect’.
Thereafter, no problems!
Nor any complaints!
Come the meeting, she did delay me by 5 minutes – so, I (or, as somebody else mentioned, a lawyer at £100/hour) could equally have been delayed for some reason.

North Wembley Station area is a complete desert – no pubs to get yourself freshened up or sit down and just collect yourself if you arrive early.
Somebody mentioned a cab ride? It’s a 7 minute walk!
Front door and suburban surrounding area is a little bit ‘exposed’.
Someone else mentioned her room being quite bare for a girl.

Photo’s are totally accurate.
Bearing in mind that English is not her lingua franca, I found her very easy to chat and joke with. Very easily amused. And she knows when to stop!

She is Super slim, easily Size 6, 5’8”/5’7”, age 20 seems right and definitely no more than an “A” – all totally fine by me.
Her dark hair is very long.
I had made no clothing request and was met with some slitted dress thingy, with lots of gaps, similar to the now-fashionable ripped jeans – very alluring!
We slipped very easily into the less formal caressing and kissing mode as we slowly stripped each other, while standing, with lots of FK – DFK, I don’t know?
I gave her a moist finger and she liked it!
She indicated that she’d like to be on the bed so we both enjoyed her RO until she asked me to stop so that I could fuck her to orgasm.
OWO was fine by me – I’m not a connoisseur – but enough to get me in the mood for a whirlwind of very energetic and enthusiastic Cowgirl, Mish and Squat Cowgirl – she performs very well and very responsively!
Is she an actress? Who cares?
I finally got her off with a bit of finger-clit and that was Not acted.
I’m too Vanilla to comment on the more exotic cum-everywhere or anal so, no comment.

We did discuss the recent Negatives.
If I put a phone number into my phone, I add a “name” so that I know who I’m talking to!
When I arrived, Renata got my name wrong, confused me with her next client and didn’t know how long I wanted to stay – you know, I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know but these girls wouldn’t make it to the lowest echelons of basic management.
I had left a bar of chocolate on the bed with a subtle envelope sticking out of it and she wanted to know if I was going to pay her – sometimes I despair! She was amused.
I asked her point blank and looked her straight in the eye and she insists that she does not do double-bookings.
(To begin with, she thought I meant two guys ‘booked together’ MM (or one guy and her ‘sister’, not sure?) and was going to tell me a story – I stopped her!)
I’m convinced that she does not do back-to-back.
She is not a clockwatcher.
I’m sure she does her own messaging and booking, hence the chaos and previous Negatives!
Bad organisation and mis-understandings – my commiserations to iPad and Rivers.
But you probably made her “up” her game.
But she said she wrote her Bookings down on paper - ?
I know she’s not malicious.
I told her that she needs to be absolutely up-front with any information on her Profile and don’t simply switch her phone off. I probably wasted my time.
If you’re registered on AW, make a Booking and she will “Confirm” it but probably still get your name wrong!
If you text her (or girls in general?), always sign your “name” so they know who it’s from – sounds crazy, in’nit?!

I think her baby is with her mum, back home.
Yes, there is a “C” scar but it was not a problem for me.
Would I return?
Now that she has my “name” on her phone, definitely.
Another Romanian Disaster.

18 review(s) found for renata_4_you linked to in above post (12 positive, 0 neutral, 6 negative)

Thanks for review. Also for clarifying a few of the recent discussion points.

No-one is perfect, and we all have to find systems that work for us to get organised and remain efficient, even more so when making appointments and offering a consistently good service.

She's still on my hotlist, as I'm sure all of the above will improve over time.

Online PLeisure

Good to read this informative update - thanks, Sir D

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Good informative review. Glad you had a good time and did your best in trying to put her on the right track with future comms/bookings.

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