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Author Topic: First Time Punting  (Read 717 times)

Offline Pdubz

Hi guys, long time lurker here and have decided to go ahead with my first punt finally and am pretty excited and nervous!
have decided to go with https://www.adultwork.com/2397892 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sweet19Amanda as when i first discovered ukpunting she was discussed quite a bit also shes been reviewed a bit and despite that one shitty review im going with my gut. Have tried to ask all the popular girls here but i have no feedback on aw and the others are all booked,there was no chance with Platinum cindy as she wants 5 +ve feedbacks!

Phoned Amanda a few days ago and she seemed pretty nice and friendly, although i do remember her rate has gone up a bit and shes now more central!
Il be seeing her very soon for 1 hour. Review will follow

just goin to ask for any tips and advice from my more experienced punters who have been in the game for a while, havent slept with a girl since my ex which was last year, i know so lame

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Offline Malvolio

Make sure you're clear as to what you're after before you hand the cash over.

Just clarify what service you want, cost for it is acceptable and that there won't be any issues with either once you are there. Any doubts then have look through other profiles, may be someone else you find more enticing and at a better rate.

I am looking forward to this review.

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