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Author Topic: BiSuzie01 Lutterworth  (Read 1317 times)

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Online Turtle Z


I had an appointment with Suzie today, I had recently seen a few of her porn movies on Mature NL that made me decide that I had to meet her. Suzie has mixed reviews on here, generally good but comments to the effect that she doesn't really fully engage. I was aware of this before I met her and even after meeting Suzie, I can see where these comments come from. She is a very laid back character (no pun intended) who has quite an easy relaxed manner. I found her to be chatty and really good fun but I can see why some punters would not get her. Not clicking with the girl has happened to us all but this was one of those occasions when I immediately  felt that I clicked with the girl. She was exactly as I had seen in her porn movies though possibly smaller than expected; she is very slim and has a great figure, nice big tits and one of the best arses I've seen in quite some time. I don't know how old she is, she says she's 92 but I think she's added at least 50 years. I'm not someone who gets hung up about age, if I find the girl sexy then I don't really give a shit but generally I prefer MILFs to younger girls and Suzie is definitely a Milf. Contrary to previous comments about her not fully engaging I found her to be the opposite, she was chatty and things took their natural course. On arrival she was wearing a figure hugging dress, really nice black bra, pants and hold up stockings, she looked incredibly sexy and I knew it was going to go well within 3 minutes of seeing her. She gives slow sensual OWO and when I returned the favour she fully responded, she has one of those clits that gets very swollen and hard when she's aroused and you can't fake that stuff. Her figure just does it for me, I've always had a thing for pale skinned women, preferably redheads, and Suzie has that pale skin but with a great arse and really nice big tits. There has been some debate over whether her tits are fake or real and I suppose the only answer I can give to that after meeting her is that I still don't know. They felt real and they bounced in the right way when she was riding me, plus she has lovely big nipples.  The only downside to the meet was that the condom broke so a visit to the GUM will follow quite soon but I'm not gonna let spoil what I thought was a great punt.  I'll definitely be seeing Suzie again, hopefully for a threesome at some point but I'll get to know her more on a 1-2-1 basis first.

2 review(s) found for bisuzie01 linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline blue80

She says she is 92 but has added at least 50 years??

Online Turtle Z

She says she is 92 but has added at least 50 years??

Yes, obviously Just her sense of humour but that's what she said.

Online j122

Thread with links to videos:https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=15386.0

Do you know whether the videos were recent or done a while ago?  :hi:

Online Turtle Z

Very recent and she has just done a Fiona Cooper video under the name of Valerie

Online Turtle Z

I saw Suzie again and I have to say she failed to live up to early promise, which was a shame. She obviously just dropped whatever she was doing to see me at short notice and I appreciated that. Most of my punts are short notice so I struggle to find girls to accommodate me. However I just found that the whole meet lacked whatever it was I enjoyed so much about the first meeting. I kind of still felt sexually frustrated when I left which is not a good sign. Maybe I caught her on an off day, I like Suzie but I realised that it is easy to lose 10 minutes chatting with her on a thirty minute appointment and then the whole experience just feels rushed and unsatisfying.

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