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Author Topic: Kathleen - HOD 1 - Warren Street (House of Divine)  (Read 1045 times)

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Apols if that link doesn't work. Posting from an iPhone

Time spent: 30 minutes
Paid: £70
Location: comfortable apartment above Warren Street tube. Entrance is pretty wide open but they buzz you up with alacrity.
Services: FK, RO, 69, rimming on her, OWO, CIM.
Would I return: Yes.

Sorry. I appear have rambled on somewhat.

I was a little uncertain about booking a HOD appointment as there's been a recent rash of negative feedback on here concerning double bookings and discourteous staff. I'm glad to say I encountered no such issues. I booked by phone on Tuesday, confirmed as I was asked to this morning and was sent a text with all the particulars. I will say that they clearly run a tight ship. I saw another chap coming down the stairs as I walked through the door and it wouldn't surprise me at all if he was the previous customer. I would also be extremely surprised to hear of someone staying even a minute longer than they'd booked. Thankfully I timed the meeting perfectly so at no point did I feel rushed.

Kathleen is a delight.  She wore tiny denim shorts and a lacy bra with her blonde hair up in a bob. If there is a negative about her appearance it's that one of her front teeth is all messed up but the rest of her is top notch. Delicious, slightly brown skin, really cute pair of tits, not too big not too small and with a pleasant heft, and then there is her ass.

I'm something of an ass man and hers is nigh on perfect as far as I'm concerned. Her hips curve out in a classic hourglass and her cheeks cry out for a spanking which I duly provided very gently.

Kathleen was instantly playful and sarcastic in a very enjoyable way. My sense of humour is always based on piss-taking so I enjoyed our opening banter very much as she chastised me for being hard under my jeans.

I asked her to turn and put her hands on the table and slowly removed her shorts and thong and buried my face in her ass. Minor negative here in that she doesn't allow you to penetrate her with fingers which I ruddy love but I'll overlook it. I really enjoy going down on women so I indulged in that for a while with her really getting into it, wrapping her feet around my head to pull me into her at one point. I appreciate the shit out of touches like that regardless of how genuine they are. All part of a good service.

After that it was OWO which was teasing and playful at first then deep and dirty in turn. Loads of eye contact and technique which is more for show than sensation mixed in with the really good stuff. Gradually shifted into 69 at which point I lost focus and hastily announced my imminent release which she accepted and deposited in a wet wipe before cleaning me up and indulging in some light chit chat before I rode off into the sunset.

The main reason I booked Hod was a lack of suitable alternatives (Ameera and red head cutie both failed to respond to my emails and busty dd is on holiday) and in that situation I think it's a very reliable plan b, c or d. Her pics on their site are a little glossed up but she lives up to the billing on the whole and I had a good time.

Positives: seriously fit body, pretty face, giving and playful attitude, varied and enjoyable technique, mythical ass.

Neutral: exposed doorway, no fingering, FK not DFK for the most part, snaggletooth

Negatives: no shower offered (I checked with the maid if one was available and she said it comes out of your time so I didn't request one)

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