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Author Topic: Andrea - Latin - South Croydon - El beso  (Read 2030 times)

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I've had all my fun with her for now, after 3 punts I believe its time for me to move on to new vagina.
So here I am doing a review.

Location: Not bad, basic but clean. I think they've had security issues if you go there you'll see what I mean.
Comms: 2 call system.

Girl: 24 & from Columbia, She's like the bad photos, to be brutally honest her face is 5.5/10, Body 5/10, although her bottom is very nice and soft and cushy by my tough standards, sadly its not bubble. 
Breasts are C cup and fake.
She has a couple of tattoos, and a caesarean scar across her stomach which is noticeable but very faint and can not be felt.

My Initial thoughts on this girl was that she looked quite miserable, unhappy, bored, distant in her job not pleased at all to see me. So I picked her out of the line up planning to give her a good drilling to give her one more reason to look not happy to see me, but I later learned that its just her natural facial expression and she's not in fact anything I mentioned above.

The action:

She's a bit like an old Carburettor fuelled engine, you've really gotta get on the choke to warm her up but once she's up to temp she really gets into it.

OWO was prolonged and excellent (wet, no teeth, no hand action), she's got some serious DT skills too, Nice clean fresh tight pussy, beautiful tight perfect little arsehole and really enjoys it if you use your tongue on any of the holes, thrusting herself down onto you.

All positions no problem, I pulled out so I could start finishing up on her arse/tits and she asked me for doggy as we hadn't actually done that position yet.... I've never had a wg ask for more when you've declared its time to end. Usually they're eager to finish at any point (the sooner the better is the usual motto in a parlour)

Paid - £60 for 30mins + £20 for owo.

Positives -  all of the above.

Negatives - none spring to mind.

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You can tell her from me she's  doing a good job at your croydon branch  ;)  :thumbsup: lol

Looooooooooool hahahhaha never ever been to south croydon only west or east

Thanks. How tall would you say she is?

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This ones back on the rota's, Saw her a couple times this week in tooting.

She's a good fuck in my opinion. I recently been avoiding Latin parlours as I found there to be a lack of VFM in general but this one never lets me down.


thanks for the review, latin girls are my personal favorites and this one seems a good punt. will def give her a shot.


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