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Author Topic: Lily Hart - Petite American Gem  (Read 1356 times)

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Offline Zurada

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TL;DR - White, slim, short brown hair, heavy eye makeup, lovely smile, petite boobs, plump butt, matches profile pic. Punt was excellent and Lily delivers everything I wished for. A definite recommendation, though I wish you won't believe me so she'd have more time for my bookings.

Services Provided -
 - DFK - Excellent (She will initiate kissing right after sucking your dick so if you're not comfortable with that, make it clear before things get heated up)
 - OWO, deepthroatwith eye contact, ball licking - Excellent  (None needs to be said, she's good at it)
 - Cat bath, from ear to ankles (I did not ask if she would lick my feet or not and I did not care for it either way) - Very Good (Not excellent because she did not lick my armpits and does not offer rimming)
 - Uniform - Excellent (She clearly states that she would put her own artistic take on your specifications, and I was not disappointed as I had a particular demand and it was met)
 - 69, rimming (me rimming her only, though she did graze my taint several times when licking my balls) - Very Good (She used a lube with flavour to it, which I'm not fond of)
 - Toys - Very Good (Not my thing, but she had a selection of toys ready and played with herself till she came while making out with me, which was a lot of fun)
 - Protected sex - Excellent (She did not try any tricks to make me cum faster, slow and sensual sex, and she can put her ankles behind her  ears during mish so she becomes incredibly tight, and it makes for an extremely sexy sight to pop to.
 - Cuddling, chatting (With clothes on before we got down to business and post sex, naked)- Excellent (Lovely to chat with, not a brick wall and doesn't get distracted by her phone)

Looks -
 - Hair - Dark brown, short
 - Face/Make up - Lovely gentle eyes, cute small narrow nose and a bright cheeky smile that reaches her eyes/Eye shadow and eye-liner is very prominent
 - Clothes - Matched my specification with a slutty twist, which was excellent (Fellas, black heels with white socks, trust me, they'll drive you mad)
 - Breasts - Petite handfuls with a lovely small nipple (I personally prefer small boobs, so this is a major positive for me)
 - Waist - Slim, a very subtle hourglass figure, no rock solid abs but you can tell she takes care of herself
 - Ass - Lovely plump ass that's more than a handful, not BBW levels obviously, but if you're into that you won't be looking at Lily Hart anyway
 - Legs - Lovely, smooth, and long that can bend all the way back during mish
 - Feet - I'm not a foot fetish guy so I did not pay attention to them.

The Narrative - How the session went (Warning, Very Long)

The door opened and I was greeted by Lily in the outfit I requested. I immediately noticed her attention to the details I specified, so I had a great feeling before I even walked through the door. Pleasantries and paperwork was exchanged, so I kicked my shoes off and made myself comfortable on the bed. (I had already showered prior to leaving for the appointment)

We started chatting casually with me lounging in the bed and her sitting at the foot of it, then slowly but surely she started to crawl towards me over my body, and eventually, she kissed me. It starts gentle but we quickly shifted to high gear and had a long and messy DFK session for at least 5 minutes. It started with her on all fours and on top of me, then side by side with me cradling her head, to me being on top of her, our hands roaming everywhere over and under our clothes, feeling everything the other has to offer.

After a quick breather, we started some gentler kissing as I slowly stripped her, unbuttoning her blouse, but not removing it, unhooking her bra to free her lovely petite breasts, topped by a tiny hard nipple. We started nuzzling each other, kissing and licking each other's ears and neck, then I ventured downwards to her nipples and gave both of her breasts a good licking. She then urged me to start taking my clothes off.

Once my top was off she literally pounced onto me for another bout of DFK, then started to give me a cat bath from my ears to the top of my trousers, missing nothing with her tongue as she ran it across my entire torso. She sat aside as I pulled my trousers off, and she immediately started teasing me by licking my thighs just to where my boxer-briefs covered my skin, all the way to the ankles, and repeating it for the other leg. Afterwards, she slowly pushed my underwear higher and higher till only my cock was covered, teasing the flesh around it with her tongue, then she slowly pulls my underwear off, and once I threw them onto the floor, she swallowed my cock while looking me dead in the eye till her nose touched my pelvis.

What followed was a fantastic blowjob, alternating between teasing the head with her tongue and lips to swallowing the whole thing repeatedly, I had to find something to hold on to, and surprisingly, she did not mind when I grabbed two fistfuls of her hair. I did not push her to swallow more or change her rhythm, she was doing more than I had hoped for already, but it was still nice to have a girl who doesn't mind have her hair gripped and pulled slightly.

After a while she licked her way up to my face and we had another round of DFK (I requested a lot of DFK, another example of her attention to detail), she started another cat bath for me, and I started to fiddle with her toys. I asked her which one was her favourite, and she picked out a pink vibrator with a clit massager attached, and offered to show me how she uses it. So we snuggle up and she turned it on, lubes herself up, and slowly inserts it into herself.

Personally, there is nothing sexier than watching a women pleasure herself in your arms, feeling her breath, hearing her moans, and watching her clutch onto you as her orgasm builds.

I took the liberty to have some more fun with her breasts, licking and teasing them, eliciting moans of encouragement from Lily as her orgasm was building. Her moans grew more and more frequent, and we started yet another bout of DFK, but she broke off as her orgasm was near, her hand and her toy a blur as she plunges it in and out of herself, her head nuzzled against my shoulder. Then she groaned one last time, a deep, long groan of ecstasy, and came.

She left the buzzing toy inside her, and as we made out yet again, my hand wandered south and felt the vibrations through her abdomen. This was a first for me and it is a fascinating sensation, as well as being extremely erotic. As she opened her eyes from her afterglow, she smiled, leaned in for one more kiss, then went straight back to swallowing my cock. This time though, she was primed to start our 69, and swung her leg over my head and lowered her pussy to my face.

As previously stated, the lube she used was flavoured, so it was a bit unpleasant to start with, however, once it washed away from spit and Lily's own juices, it became a non-factor. Just because I could not see any more does not mean Lily slacked in her blowjob in the slightest. I could feel her throat, tongue, and lips working as hard as they did before, with the occasional ball licking, which was exceptional. She would sweep from the base of my cock, trace my balls with the flat of her tongue all the way around to the other side and back again, and then it was back to deepthroating my whole cock and fucking her face with it herself. Her pussy was shaved save for a triangle of trimmed hair above her clit, which I did not mind, though there was a little stubble. (I have yet to see a girl with a bleached and waxed asshole like a pornstar, but fingers crossed on that account)

She tasted great once the lube wore off, obvious hygienic care was taken by her to make sure she had no unpleasant odours, which I greatly appreciate as I do genuinely enjoy the taste of pussy. I buried my face into her behind, licking everything between her asshole to her clit, and her moans with her mouth full cock and balls was wonderful to hear.

After we're done with mutual fellatio, she grabbed a condom, slipped it on, straddled me, and slowly let it in, breathing into my neck the entire time. We started off slowly, taking turns in moving our hips, making out as we humped along, however as our ecstasy built, our pace quickened, so when I felt my orgasm coming, I asked to switch position, to quell my urge to cum as well as thinking about where I want to shoot my load. We changed to mish, and as I entered her, we started kissing and going slowly again. I decided I just wanted to shoot inside her, as I requested a simple GFE, and the fantasy did not involve covering her face or tits with jizz, and asking if that was extra whilst inside her seems like a bit of a buzzkill if you ask me. So after a while I started to fuck her faster, speeding up to ramming into her as hard as I can with each thrust, with Lily timing her moans perfectly, as I was getting close, Lily, pulled her legs up over my shoulder and wrapped them around my neck.

I have only come across girls who could do this twice, and both are from across the planet in Hong Kong. It was a real sight to behold, a beautiful girl, me ploughing her like my life depended on shattering her pelvis, with her legs around my neck with her thighs resting on the inside of my elbows. Not long after that, I finally came inside her, releasing her legs and hugging her tightly until my cock stopped throbbing and my heart rate settled. After a quick clean up, I lay on my back and Lily snuggled up to me, and we just chatted about each other in general, where we’re from, what we do, where we want to go, etc. etc.

It was a no rush service, not once did Lily tell me how much time I had left, she never turned away to look at a clock or her phone. It was 100% customer service, and excellent service at that. So when she told me she should get up, I took the hint without a grudge and asked to use her shower. After refreshing myself, I got dressed, still chatting with her, no hint of being rushed at all, and finally, as I was walked to the door, I was given a quick kiss and a fist bump of all things, which I found incredibly charming, thus ending the punt and leaving me feeling elated and incredibly satisfied.

39 review(s) found for LilyHart linked to in above post (39 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Nice review

Having seen her a number of times Lily is always a great punt


Offline monstar

Excellent first review Zurada, thanks and welcome!  :hi:  :drinks:

Lily is a top favourite for my next girl to visit.

Offline unclesweetheart

Great review! Makes me nostalgic about my sessions with this wonderful girl. And the cat thing is new to me - must try it! Hope to catch up with her soon but I like long, long sessions so will have to save up my pennies....
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